6 A24 Movies You Need to Watch

With fall quickly leaving us and winter approaching, it's time to get snuggled up in bed again and commence the movie marathons. I know what you are thinking, though, “girl, I’ve been in quarantine/lockdown for months now, what else is there to watch?!” and let me stop you right there! With this unreasonable amount of time we all spent inside, I’m sure you’ve watched some things that you liked, thought were just okay, perhaps hated or watched just to keep you busy. So, to avoid the empty experience of watching movies that are just the default craze, I’ve compiled a list of A24 movies that not only plot-wise keep you invested but also artistically pleased. A24 is an indie film/television production company that is known for its perfect balance of aesthetic and plot. Bring a snack, silence your phone and let’s get this movie marathon rolling!

1. "Moonlight"

In this coming of age film, Chiron, a young Black man living in Miami, navigates through his life as he explores his sexuality within his masculine identity. Along the way and while dealing with his everyday trials of living in the hood, Chiron’s journey with his sexuality and identity is told in three sections ranging from his adolescence, teenage years and into his adult life. As he grows older, Chiron's roots and home community mold his identity as he begins to walk out his life on his own terms. "Moonlight" shows that the light at the end of the title is subjective to the person and that to see it, you just have to start looking within yourself. 

2. "Uncut Gems"

"Uncut Gems" is an action picture about a jeweler and con-artist Howard and his gambling addiction. After placing a hefty bet on the NBA Championship, Howard wages over his biggest and newest possession, the black opal. Faced with finding his big-money gem and with money stakes high, Howard goes to the ends of the earth to retrieve his prized jewels, burning whatever bridges it takes along the way. This film most definitely will keep you at the edge of your seat and have you let out a good handful of chuckles before finally finding life’s prized possession. 

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3. "Good Time"

Thriller "Good Time" follows the story of Native New Yorker, Connie, as he tries to free his younger brother, Nick, from prison because of his decision to rob a bank. While trying to lay low but still reap his newfound riches, Connie makes attempts to free his brother, only to result in more disarray. Connie eventually finds his silver lining, just not the one he wanted to have. You’ll find yourself oddly hoping for them to get away with it, but also accept the ending as the thing that was best for everyone. 

4. "Mid 90s"

Set in 1996 L.A., "Mid 90s" tells the story of 13-year-old Stevie and his newfound friends. Coming from a troubled home life, Stevie quickly befriends a group of skater boys he finds near home. As time passes he becomes very close with the boys and begins to experiment with drugs, alcohol and adopt other common traits the boys have, slowly driving into a downward spiral for Stevie. With a wholesome ending, this movie is an ode to childhood recklessness and true friendship. This movie is a must-watch with your friends and if not, one to just watch to appreciate what friendship should be. 

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5. "The Florida Project"

The "Florida Project" follows the story of three young children who inhabit one of the many tourist motels in Kissimmee, Florida and explore the unconventional corners of Kissimmee. The protagonist, Moonee, and her friends find themselves alone but busy as the motel manager tries to bring some order to the children's’ activities. In a story of adolescence, fast life, and making ends meet, Moonee and her friends are determined to find the greatest place on earth. With a shocking and ever so heartbreaking finale, trust that this blockbuster will leave you at least one tear streaming. 

6. "The Vanishing of Sidney Hall"

This film follows hit author, Sidney Hall, as the viewer is brought to a narrative between flashed moments from his high school experience that his hit book is based on. After the tragic death of a classmate and love interest, Sidney writes his novel and mysteriously disappears. Years later, a detective goes in search of Sidney to find more answers to the story. Throughout his search, we watch Sidney as he lives out what will later become his famous thrilling novel. As a psychological thriller, this movie is perfect to queue with some crime docus!

From thrilling car chases to tear-jerking finales these are just some of the beautifully shot and equally as good stories A24 offers, click here to see all the shows and films they produce. Keep staying six feet apart and merry quarantining, collegiettes!