5 Tips on How To Survive a Music Festival

Concerts are crazy, fun and tiring all at the same time, but music festivals are a whole other beast to conquer. They’re longer, some panning even over three days, usually are outdoors and attract more than just one crowd of fans. Although they’re hectic and sometimes unpredictable, music festivals are an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life. 

1. Dress accordingly

When preparing for a music festival it is crucial to be on top of the weather for the weekend. Usually, music festivals are rain or shine events and will only cancel if due to extreme circumstances so be ready to party in whatever mood mother nature’s in. Aside from this, it’s also important to know the season and vibe of the music festival you're attending. A festival in the summer, spring and fall have all kinds of different conditions and you for sure wouldn’t wear something summery to a fall concert. By knowing the type of atmosphere the festival is going to have, you can plan to wear something comfortable, fashionable and appropriate for the day(s) ahead of you. 

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2. Indulge, but with consciousness

Out of excitement or just the adrenaline rush, you may think skipping a meal while at the festival will be fine, but it is quite the contrary. Since you’re most likely going to be outside and walking around from stage to stage, it’s important to be eating nutritious well-balanced meals to avoid energy loss and weakness. Most festivals partner with food vendors and although it may be tempting to indulge, be cautious about the atmosphere and people you are around. Have fun responsibly. More importantly, is it vital that you stay hydrated! No matter the weather, you will be walking around and most likely dancing around and subsequently tire yourself out. To avoid fainting and dizziness keep a water bottle close by and be aware of bathrooms and first-aid areas closest to you. 

3. Dance your heart out

Once you’ve secured a good spot in the crowd, make it a goal to dance your heart out. A good philosophy to have is that you may not ever hear this set live ever again so be sure to make it a memory that’ll last. You can hear the song again and again later in the car or while at the gym but hearing it live is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Like mentioned before, music festivals attract a variety of different bands and artists in the same place, making this is an excellent place to learn and hear about other artists that you have not otherwise known or heard of. Make sure to catch the artists you already know about and love but also make an effort to seek out other artists that may be similar to what you already like. You never know, maybe you’ll find your next obsession!

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4. Make some pals

Music is such an easy way to bond with others. While at the sets you’ve chosen to be at, be personable and meet some new people! Odds are if they like the same artist, they may have some other similar likes. If you guys don’t become best friends from the off bat, that's fine, but at least you were able to enjoy the live show with some else as company! 

5. Come prepared 

Last but not least come prepared to completely jam-pack your phone with pictures and videos. Although you can't relive this weekend, you’re most definitely gonna try to! That being said make sure you’ve charged your portable charger and turn on battery save mode on your phone because those videos are eventually going to be what helps you post-concert depression after the weekend. It’s inevitable and will occur sometime after the weekend is over but as long as you capture the moments that matter most to you, you’ll make it out. 

Music festivals are wild yet wonderful so let the good times roll, collegiettes!