5 Sustainable Products You Need to Try

Climate scientists have been imploring governments and citizens for decades to reduce their carbon footprint in fear of a full-blown global warming crisis. In recent years, many companies have taken that information and created trendy products to influence consumers to do their part in reducing waste. Here are some of my personal favorite sustainable products you NEED to try!  

1. Reusable stainless steel straws (because they’re a staple)

The most popular alternative to plastic straws, metal straws are an easy, on-the-go option to reduce your waste. Packs usually come with at least four straws so you won’t run out before you can clean them. They also usually come with a small brush that fits into the straw for easy cleaning! These are a lifesaver for those last-minute Starbucks trips right before class. Here are some super cute rose gold ones from Etsy!  

2. Silicone loofah

Next up is this silicone loofah from Amazon. Regular loofah sponges can become a big source of waste since they have to be thrown away after about three months. These silicone body scrubbers act the same as loofah sponges, but can be popped in the dishwasher which makes them super sustainable. If properly cared for, they can last for one or two years. 

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3. Thinx period underwear

These underwear from Thinx are revolutionary in menstrual sustainability. They are washable, reusable underwear designed to eliminate the need for other period products like pads or tampons (or close to it). The underwear come in all different styles for comfortability and to accommodate your absorbency needs! Besides being sustainable, it also helps out your wallet! Investing in a few pairs at one time will end up costing less than buying other feminine products over time. Here’s a testament from consumer Kat Collings on Who What Wear:

“I’ve worn a pair all night (with nothing else), and then gone straight into the following day, changing them out by the next evening. I know when to change them when I start feeling a little damp. I’ve never leaked before.”

4. Shampoo bars

Searching for ways to eliminate plastic bottles from your shower? Look no further! Shampoo and conditioner bars are a great way to cut back on purchasing plastic packaging. The bars lather just like regular liquid shampoo and are free of damaging chemicals. Here’s a testament from a friend and fellow author at Her Campus, Anna Bertino:

“I love shampoo bars! I’m using one from Love Beauty & Planet right now, but I’ve tried Lush bars in the past and liked those as well. They usually come in recyclable packaging or no packaging to cut down on waste. In my experience, they also last longer than a bottle of shampoo.” 

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5. Reusable chopsticks/utensils

Just like reusable straws, sets of reusable utensils are super easy to keep in your purse or bookbag! It’s so satisfying to have my own chopsticks when going to a Chinese or Japanese restaurant instead of the disposable ones which can be flimsy. This set from Eko Traveler is made with 100% untreated bamboo and is easy to clean without splintering.

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Hopefully one or more of these products is right for you. I promise you’ll love it! It takes individuals just like you making small changes in your daily life to reduce our carbon footprint and save Earth. She’s our mother, so let’s protect her!