5 Podcasts That Have Changed My Morning Routine

I needed something new to listen to during my morning getting ready routine. I liked my music but something about it wasn’t satisfying me enough. I ventured into the podcast world and now I can’t let them go. 

Here’s my top five podcasts that I’m probably listening to if you see me wearing earbuds. 

1. The Daily, The New York Times 

Via the New York Times 

I’m a news junkie and there’s so much to absorb from around the world these days. It’s so hard to keep up. The New York Times’ podcast, The Daily, keeps me up to date on an important story or two going on. Hosted by Times political journalist Michael Barbaro, and uploaded Monday through Friday at 6:30am he brings on experts on different topics like Congress, the White House, the Middle East. Their presidential election coverage is fantastic and summarizes everything you need to know so well, from pieces on specific candidates, to going over debates and town halls. The Daily will give you that extra knowledge about current events that you can impress your friends with.

2. Business of Fashion 

Via Apple Podcasts 

I think the business side of fashion is so fascinating. This happens to be the field that I want to eventually work in. This podcast keeps me up to date on everything going on in the fashion industry. From sustainability, marketing, business models, bankruptcy, and business deals. Imran Amed brings guests that are able to discuss these topics in depth, give their experience in the fashion industry and how they see where the future of fashion is headed. 

3. Leave Your Mark 

Via Apple Podcasts 

This podcast is brand new with only a few episodes so far. This girl-boss podcast will leave you motivated to start your own business and take over the world. Hosted by Aliza Light, Leave Your Mark brings on strong women who have made their impact in the industry that they are in. Inspiring young women to follow their passions and succeed in whatever they want. Aliza leaves me motivated in the morning with energy to achieve my long term goals, reminding me no dream is too big and I just have to work hard.

4. The Atlantic’s Daily Idea 

Via The Atlantic 

This is a cute 2-5 minute short podcast that gives you some bite sized fun facts about the world and culture. This is a favorite of mine that allows me to learn something on my walk to class. Topics include trick or treating, start ups and google docs. 

5. Snacks Daily

Via Stitcher 

If you’re anything like me, you want to be an expert in everything.  And if you're anything like me you know that the finance world is just not your thing. That’s where Snacks Daily comes in. Bite size financial news that keep you up to date with what businesses are doing but not falling asleep in your finance class trying to find the net loss of a company.  

All of these are available to listen wherever you get your podcasts! Happy listening collegietes!