5 Megan Thee Stallion Lines That Give Me Life

Megan Thee Stallion is a 21st-century female rap artist known for her explicitly accurate lyrics as well as her strong knees. She has many songs out currently that are beyond lit and very liberating in a society that still views women exploring their sexuality and having power in their relationships as wrong. 

Her work ethic is crazy. Not only is she coming up with music content, going to concerts, attending events, and making business deals but she's also, a college student at Texas Southern University. She’s living a lifestyle that shows that the possibilities and opportunities to do great are vast even in college.

Many of the verses she raps are a mood but I’m just going to countdown 5 lines from her songs that give me life.

5. Big Ole Freak 

“I am the Captain and he the Lieutenant”

To me this line symbolizes women having some power within their relationships. Megan said the line in a sexual context, so it’s obviously referring to sexual prowess. Taking it out of context, I feel as though not only could it apply to relationships but a reflection of how women want to be seen in society.

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4. Cash Shit 

“He told 'em send me a pic 'cause he miss me. I told him send me a stack if he really” 

Nude pictures. A group of certain men (and women) think it’s okay to ask for these regardless if you’re in a serious relationship or not. I love Meg’s response to the issue. No part of you should be given for scraps or for free. 

3. Sex Talk 

“I think I should be in museums. 'Cause this body a masterpiece”

Self-love! It may sound like arrogance coming from Megan; in my opinion, a lot of women don’t think of themselves so highly. I think it would be wonderful if we all thought of ourselves as highly as Megan does of herself.

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2. Hot Girl Summer 

“Handle me? Who gon’ handle me? Thinkin’ he’s a player, he’s a member of the team.”

Women don’t need to be handled or conquered. Nor should men be ‘playing’ around on females because it’s very disrespectful and not a game. Megan is not here for the disrespect although the line alludes that she may be playing herself, if she has a team.

1. Cash Shit 

“Yeah, I'm in my bag, but I'm in his too and that's why every time you see me, I got some new shoes.”

There is no analysis for this line. I just love it so much I find myself saying it for no reason. 

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There you have it, collegiettes! Five lines from Megan Thee Stallion’s songs that give me life. I encourage you to seek out Megan yourself and discover the awesomeness that she is!