5 Essential Podcasts for Your Day

As a college student, it sometimes may feel hard and sometimes, impossible, to keep up with the world around you— all the while trying to keep up with school. But do not worry! Here is a concise list of podcasts that will give you all your essential listens for your hectic schedule! Adulting ain't easy, but it sure does feel like it with these five in your podcast library.

1. The Daily by the New York Times

Listening to this podcast should be the official induction to adulting as a millennial. The Daily is a podcast for the modern person on the go as it goes into depth about the biggest current event of the day in a quick 25 minutes. Airing five days a week, this podcast not only updates you on the hottest news about each workday, but it also gives you the weekend to relax and focus on the little things. So make sure to listen to this super quick, informative podcast because being aware never hurts!

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2. Serial by Sarah Koenig

This is the best podcast for all conspiracy and crime junkies out there! Serial is a podcast with three seasons (perfect for binging) and focuses on one specific true crime case each season. The host, Sarah Koenig, narrates the audio show to bring you along this investigative journalism journey of hers all while keeping you on your feet. Not to spoil anything, but things do get kinda chaotic. So if you're staying in tonight, make sure to tune into Serial, just make sure you're ready for the ride.

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3. Leadership Lean In by Chad Veach

Next, we have our monthly dose of adulting, or really just personal, motivation from Pastor Chad Veach from Zoe Church in Los Angeles. Leadership Lean In goes into depth about daily struggles and how to deal with being a leader in the modern day. Talking about things from self-condemnation to basic communication, Pastor Chad Veach covers all the bases with his guests. Be the ultimate multitasker and tune in to learn how to become an effective leader every month!Via iTunes

4. hey, girl. by Alex Elle

We all need some wholesome girl talk every here and there and hey, girl. is there to solve that for you. In this podcast, author Alex Elle sits down and speaks with women from a variety of backgrounds about anything and everything. Ranging from people who inspire her to strangers, Alex Elle interviews women from all walks of life to learn something new about what it means to be a woman in today’s society. Listen to this gold podcast while painting your nails with a face and lip mask on, because girl, you deserve it!

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5. Tiny Meat Gang by Cody Ko and Noel Miller

Lastly, we need some laughter in the mix. The Tiny Meat Gang podcast is pure, unadulterated commentary and jokes. Friends and comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller—who you may remember from the good ole app, Vine— sit down and talk about pop culture while also straying away in the best way possible. Tune in for when you need a good laugh or if you just love dumb commentary that makes you ugly laugh.

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Bonus!: Current Mood by John Mayer

An extra for your week could be to tune in into John Mayer’s Instagram show, Current Mood. Created in his downtime between recording sessions, artist John Mayer started this broadcasts only to entertain himself before jumping back into the recording booth. But with more and more viewers tuning in every time, John decided to make Current Mood a weekly occurrence. Covering topics from his daily interactions to sometimes inviting special guests to talk about fame and the industry, this Instagram show is the perfect random listen when you're bored.

Like mentioned before, collegiettes, adulting for sure isn't easy, but with some good podcasts and your girl gang, you’re unstoppable!