5 Binge-Worthy Shows that Don’t Require Brains

With being home more often than any of us ever imagined, it’s natural to find happiness in the little things around us. My secret guilty pleasure recently has been mindless TV. I use my brain for the majority of the day, I feel like it is only right for me to switch it off and lock it away near the end of the day. Imagine doing homework all day, and then watching an intellectual show at night. I could never. That is why I’ve recently been obsessed with dumbed-down television. Here are some of my top recommendations:

1. "Love Island UK"

Where to stream: Hulu

No matter what anyone says, I will never stop watching this show. Sure, it’s toxic and completely unrealistic. But man, do I love the drama. In this show, a bunch of really attractive people are living in a villa together and must attempt to find a partner as they could be kicked off if they are not in a couple by the time of the “recoupling.” However, with new attractive people coming in every week, the drama is inevitable. I think the UK series is definitely the most superior out of the franchise because their accents are incredibly beautiful and entertaining to listen to. I also find myself learning cool UK slang like “I feel like I’m being mugged off” or “Wow, that was so lush.” Ugh, I love this show.

2. "Bachelor in Paradise"

Where to stream: HBO Max

"Bachelor in Paradise" is quite similar to "Love Island" as the recoupling is instead known as the “rose ceremony.” However, what I like about this show is that you get to know the previous Bachelor/Bachelorette cast members on a much deeper level than on their original shows. I personally have a lot of negative feelings about "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," but BIP is a much more realistic and fun show to watch as you aren’t just focused on one person, but the entire cast.

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3. "Gossip Girl"

Where to Stream: Netflix

Ah, a classic. The first time I watched this show, I was instantly in love with the city, the characters and the fashion. Now that I am re-watching the season a fourth time, it’s become a comfort show for me. Think about it like a nice, warm bowl of homemade mac and cheese, but make it boujee. However, the reason why I think it is mindless television is that it is so unrealistic, it hurts if you think about it too much. The plot twists are solved too easily, and the consequences of the characters’ actions are little to zero. It’s not how life works at all, but maybe that’s the point. 

4. "Selling Sunset"

Where to Stream: Netflix

"Selling Sunset" felt like the “official show of quarantine.” It was extremely hyped up in the summer, and memes and TikToks surrounded the show for quite some time. The show is exactly what you would think it would be: rich real estate agents selling rich people expensive houses. It’s as simple as that. However, the drama surrounding the real estate agents, and getting a glimpse into their lives was extremely intriguing. The way the show portrayed their dynamic is pretty similar to how you or I would navigate friendships. Some girls are closer than others, some are insisting on creating drama, and some are happy to just watch the showdown from afar. It’s great television, I’ll give them that.

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5. "Young & Hungry"

Where to Stream: Netflix

This show may not have done amazing numbers, but it is the complete package. It has the perfect combination of comedy, romance, and even some lovely emotional bits. The show stars Emily Osment (from "Hannah Montana"), a quirky, not-so-perfect personal chef to a rich tech entrepreneur. The show also has cast some amazing supporting actors that enhance the show even more. The plot twists are humorous, but far from realistic. Honestly, I am not complaining. The writers are extremely creative when it comes to the situations Osment gets stuck into. Every time I look up from my work, there is something interesting happening. 

We all deserve to put our feet up and watch some light, brainless television every now and then. Regardless of what you decide on choosing, make sure you have fun and enjoy yourself on your time off!