4 Bloggers I'm Obsessed With

Over the summer, I went down the rabbit hole of the explore page on Instagram. I found a few bloggers that I began to follow because their posts are cute and they all live in New York City. I then went deeper inside their content to realize I really liked their style and how they write their content.

I was never really the type to follow bloggers or listen to influencers, because it all sounded fake to me. Being in public relations and marketing gave me a behind-the-scenes look on how advertising worked and how to get people to look at your content. I knew the tricks and secrets and that’s why I try not to fall for advertisements and promoters. But these women, who I found, actually are pretty genuine and honest about the content they post and the struggle that comes with being a freelancer, blogger and writer.  

So here are four bloggers I 10/10 recommend following. 

1. Austen Tosone: 

Austen Tosone is an NYC freelancer who keeps it real in her posts and stories. Tosone used to work for NYLON and Interview Magazine before moving on to freelancing. Her work has been featured in Bustle, Fashionista, The Zoe Report, Refinery29, Teen Vogue, Models.com, INSIDER and L'Officiel USA.  

Her Instagram keeps it real on the struggle of writing and freelancing as she shares her goals for the day, the struggle when editors don’t get back to you, or when your clients don’t pay. Tosone also shares her process of working with companies to get partnerships. 

Via Austen Tosone on Instagram

Her blog Keep Calm and Chiffon tells it all. Her website lays out all of her services and how she does it all. She even has a book for those who want to learn how to pitch articles to big magazines, as well as a weekly newsletter when she gives advice on freelancing and writing. 

She’s very interactive with her followers as she asks them what type of content they want to see and hear about. Her YouTube channel explains a lot of what you would like to know as a blogger on top of her fashion, lifestyle and beauty reviews. 

Check out her website here.

Via Austen Tosone on Instagram

2. Kendall Becker: 

Okay let me just put this out there, Kendall is literally everything I’ve ever wanted to be. 

Kendall is someone I found as I was just being nosey and tapping on the tags on people’s Instagram, but it was so worth it.   

Becker works in trend forecasting and styling in New York City after graduating from Kent State with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. 

Her blog, The Realist, is very in the fashion niche. She writes about the latest trends and how to wear them. Her NYFW review pieces are what I live for. Her instagram style is very unique and it’s definitely where I go when I need some style inspo. Becker’s black all year round style makes me consider redoing my entire wardrobe.

Via Kendall Becker on Instagram

She is able to take pieces that are trendy and hard to dress and makes them look so effortless. See boilersuit and biker shorts as an example. 

Kendall is that freelancer/blogger that is balancing between the 9-5 life as well and living the Blair Waldorf New York City dream. 

Check out her website here

Via Kendall Becker on Instagram

3. Gabby Whiten 

Gabby is the first blogger I stumbled upon and it was because of one of her amazing brunch posts. 

The way to describe Gabby’s Instagram is just life the way it is. She’s a second-year NYU grad student getting her PhD in the Molecular Pharmacology Training Program at their school of medicine.  

In her free time, she’s a freelance photographer in the NYC area doing things like content creation, headshots and engagement photos. 

Via Gabby Whiten on Instagram

Whiten creates fantastic vlogs on travel, lifestyle, college and style all of them fantastically edited. 

Her Instagram is a mix of fashion, New York City life, and lots and lots of brunch! 

Her blog, Gabby in the City is just so wholesome and has the most amazing color scheme. Also, her online resume is fantastic. A Woman in STEM who blogs? She’s too powerful. 

Check her out here.

Via Gabby Whiten on Instagram

4. Francesca Gariano

Francesca is there to remind you that it’s okay that your Mondays are going to shit, you can still sing Year 3000 and buy yourself that overpriced iced coffee because #TreatYourself. 

Fauxdulting, fake adulting. Or as Gariano describes it as, “You know, that time where you're technically an adult but can barely take care of yourself but hey, at least you're still standing!”

Via Francesca Gariano on Instagram 

She studied journalism in college and is based out of New York City as well. 

Her blog, Life According to Francesca includes elements of style, NYC life, #adulting and beauty. 

Her Instagram captions are realistic and relatable. Her Instagram stories are where the real fun is at. I find Francesca narrating her workday and the struggles of getting good lighting to do makeup fun to watch. She does her Monthly Favorites YouTube video, revealing her favorite products of the month, and she does it in a funny way. 

Via Francesca Gariano on Instagram  

Francesca reminds me it’s okay to not know what I’m doing with my life because in fact, most adults don’t either. 

Check her out here

The things you can find while tapping through Instagram, collegiettes!