13 Super Nostalgic 2000’s Things You Probably Forgot About

What did I spend my spring break doing? Glad you asked! I basically stepped into a time machine (à la Year 3000) and threw myself into the nostalgia that stems from certain things in my childhood. So I figured I’d share it and help my fellow collegiettes feel all the feels while taking this trip down memory lane!

1. Everythinggirl.com (aka Barbie/MyScene heaven)

Barbie Superstar- This game was ICONIC. The 2000’s accessories were truly… something else.

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2. These math class necessities:

You know, back when math was actually fun and didn't make you want to cry.

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3. Practicing your “cool girl” handwriting by writing in your diary.

With your favorite gel pen, of COURSE!

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4. Celebrating your BFF’s birthday at Club Libby Lu:

The hair extensions, sparkly body glitter, and lip gloss were everything a 2000’s girl could *dream* of.

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And then making your parents have a whole photoshoot when you came back home from the best birthday party you had ever been to.

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5. Collecting these:

For the record, before writing this article, I had absolutely NO IDEA that these little pompoms with googly eyes had a name: Weepuls. We’d get them on our birthdays and on very ~special~ occasions.

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As a kid, there was nothing, and I mean NOTHING better than the feeling of sliding under the parachute at the last second.

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7. Running to find your favorite spot on the classroom rug

It was like musical chairs, only WAY more high stakes.

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8. These pencils

I don’t know whose idea it was to create stackable pencils, but I do know how infuriating it was when you lost one of these… I’m pretty sure it gave most of us early stage carpal tunnel. But hey- they were still cute, right?!

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9. Golden Sound Story Books

These books were a gift to our childhood. TBH, I would give anything to reread one of them (and by that, I mean I’d like to press all of the buttons over and over to annoy my mom, just like the good ol’ days).

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10. Those products from TV commercials you would BEG your parents for.

And let’s be honest, they only worked for like 5 minutes after we opened them.

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11. This was the ONLY way to make sure you and your crush were on the same page before making things official.

Better yet, your BFF would hand deliver this note at recess.

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12. Peace, punch, Captain Crunch, break the wall, WATERFALL-

GIRL you think you’ve got it all, but you DON’T and I DO.

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13. And last, but certainly not least, the best moment of walking into science class.

When the entire class would fist-pump and scream, “BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL”? Ah, the good old days.

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Enjoy reminiscing about the days before you had to worry about exams and your GPA, collegiettes!