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Make An Impact: Go Green

Imagine if we got Wi-Fi signals from trees.  We would be planting trees anywhere and everywhere, and we’d probably save the planet at the same time.  If people paid as much attention to our environment as we do our cell phones, there probably wouldn’t even be a need for Mason’s Office of Sustainability.  If you’re wondering what that is, it’s essentially an office that works towards encouraging Mason to become an environmentally friendly institution.  So why can’t we do little things to go green?  Make a difference?  Start a change?

Here are 10 easy steps you can take right here at Mason, because it only takes one person to make an impact.

  1. Try refilling your reusable water bottle at the various water refill stations on campus.  Or even buy a Brita filter for your apartment while you’re at it. 
  2. Charge your cell phones and laptops at the solar charging station right next to University Hall.
  3. Join the “Choose to Reuse” program, which substitutes reusable to-go containers with the disposable ones.
  4. Buy used books and other school materials.  It saves you money too!
  5. Utilize the Recycling Centers throughout campus that allow students to dispose of their recyclable materials by category such as paper, plastic bottles and aluminum cans.
  6. Take public transportation, like Mason’s free shuttle system, or even carpooling with friends is eco-friendly through Mason’s Zimride program!  Better yet, get some exercise by biking to school.
  7. Try not to let the water run when showering, brushing your teeth, or washing dishes.
  8. Eat food from our very own on-campus garden right behind Potomac Heights!
  9. Instead of asking for a plastic bag with your purchase, try carrying a cute reusable tote instead.  However, if you must get a plastic bag, be sure to use again as a trash bag or to pick up dog poop.
  10. Turn off your electronics when you’re not using them.  An easy way to do this is by using a power strip and simply switching it off when you’re done with them.

If you feel even more empowered, try getting involved by joining our very own student organization, Green Patriots, a student group that works on implementing green projects and sustainable solutions here on campus.  Green Patriots also have a large part in preparing for Mason’s Earth Week.  Just last year, the Green Patriots cut loose with a flash mob in the JC – and we all know a flash mob is on everyone’s bucket list!  Check out more at the Office of Sustainability’s website, green.gmu.edu, to learn about how you can get involved and go green.

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Kathleen Pine

George Mason University

Kathleen is a fourth year student at George Mason University enrolled in an Accelerated Masters Program in Elementary Education.  As an out-of-state student from Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Kathleen has certainly made a name for herself on Mason’s campus.  Not only does she maintain outstanding academics proven by her continuum standing on the Dean’s List, but Kathleen is also active in several organizations.  She is on Alpha Xi Delta’s Executive Council as their Recording Secretary and is a part of their intermural volleyball team.  Additionally, she is a member of Mason's Fashion Society and the Organic Gardening Association (GOGA).  Kathleen is also the Vice President of Order of Omega, and is a member of many other honor societies including Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma, and National Society of Collegiate Scholars.  Finally, Kathleen also works as an intern at the Office of Sustainability as an Outreach Coordinator.  
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