6 Cat Instagram Accounts to Push You through Midterms (aka The Fuzziest Listacle)



Midterms are upon us, folks, and we all know how overwhelming our lives are around this time of our academic life. I’m not sure about everyone, but I like to destress by looking at cat accounts on Instagram and get my cute fix while taking a break from my constant essay-writing. Here are six “catsagram” accounts that I follow that have already helped me this semester!

  1. 1. Brie

    Brie is a beautiful, long-haired cat who is more of a model then I will ever be. She blesses me every time she pops up on my feed with her pale blue eyes!

  2. 2. Cats and Kittens!

    This is a photography account strictly for cats and kittens, which will diversify your cat-scrolling needs!

  3. 3. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang is a cat that I found through @candidkitten who I am in love with! He is a derpy chubby boi and his hazel-brown eyes are striking!

I hope these cats bring you immense joy and calming energy this midterms season!