What I Love About FIG: Interviewing FIG Leader Elyse Bressler

This week I spoke to my Freshman Interest Group leader, Elyse Bressler. Elyse is a senior psychology major who taught the Psychology FIG this fall alongside Evan Albury. Both women made it their goal to help freshmen make friends, de-stress, provide time management tricks and life skills. Here is what Elyse had to say about her position as a FIG leader and how she incorporated it into her other activities and vice versa.

Her Campus (HC): Explain what your position as a FIG leader is and what it means to you.

Elyse Bressler (EB): As a FIG Leader this semester I taught a course of 18 freshmen students who are interested in the Psychology major and are enrolled in both biology and Brain and Behavior courses together. This position is important to FSU's campus as it provides a way to introduce incoming students to a particular subject area and the surrounding academic, as well as extracurricular, culture of the university. 

HC: What made you decide to be a FIG leader?

EB: I decided to become a FIG Leader, as I am very passionate about the psychology department and all the resources and involvement opportunities that FSU's campus has to offer. I also wanted to have experience teaching students in a classroom setting and be able to serve as a role model for first-year students at FSU.

HC: Has there been any defining or favorite moment from leading a FIG that has inspired you or made you happy?

EB: I have felt inspired this semester by the passion and motivation that all of my students showed regarding academic success and campus involvement at FSU. All of my students have set high-achieving future goals for themselves and inspired me with their aspirations. One of my favorite moments occurred during our most recent class when my students discussed the concerns and expectations they had when first coming to FSU versus the rewarding experiences they had now gained. It was rewarding to see how the students all became close friends as the semester progressed.

HC: Other than being a FIG leader, what other groups are you a part of and what are they about?

EB: I am the Public Relations & Marketing Director for Union Productions/Club Downunder, FSU's student-run programming board, providing concerts, comedy shows, lectures and a plethora of other engaging events on a weekly basis that are all free for students to attend. I am also an ambassador and peer educator for RENEW, which stands for Realizing Everyone's Need for Emotional Wellness. This organization is sponsored by the University Counseling Center and promotes mental health advocacy and emotional wellness on FSU's campus through presentations, tabling opportunities, and individual instructional sessions with students. 

HC: What is your aspiration for post-graduation?

EB: I will be graduating in the Spring of 2020 and I plan to pursue graduate-level education within the related fields of Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Human Resources. Industrial-Organizational Psychology is a fascinating area of psychology that focuses on studying the functioning of the workplace, its surrounding environment and employees. I would highly recommend enrolling in Dr. Hansen's I/O Psychology course at FSU, which is what sparked my interest in this area. I am currently in the process of applying to various post-graduate programs at multiple universities, which I will be notified about regarding acceptance within the upcoming months.

HC: Was there anything that influenced you to be in the major and area of study that you’re in?

EB: I have always had a passion for helping people, as well as an interest in understanding the actions, motivations, and relations of others. Psychology is such an expansive field that encapsulates so many areas of interest and occupations. The courses offered in the department of psychology at FSU helped me understand all of the various careers that a background in psychology has to offer.

HC: What advice or words would you give to someone who wants to be a FIG leader?


EB: I would recommend that any interested students should definitely apply to become FIG Leaders. If you are a motivated and hard-working student who is passionate about your area of study, then you will for sure succeed in this position. I feel that a student is ready to take on a FIG Leader role if they understand adequate time management techniques, as well as possess knowledge of organizational and professional skills.

All photos courtesy of Elyse Bressler

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