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I Dormed With My 3 Best Friends and Here’s How it Went

There were always sly, passing comments that were mentioned by family members, friends and peers alike when I was applying for college:

Do not skip classes, you’ll be wasting your money.

Always make sure to study for your exams.

And most importantly:

Do NOT room with your best friend... you’ll hate them by October of your first semester.

But of course, what did I do? I roomed with my best friends... all 3 of them.

freshman roommates Miquelle de la Ossa

To most people, the concept of moving from high school to college with the same group of friends is foreign. But little known to the public eye, we had already semi-planned our futures together. I knew they would be in my line of bridesmaids, girl. Living together? I’m already with them at least 76 hours of the week. What could possibly go wrong? My best friends and I took off from Miami, Florida and magically managed to get rooms right next to each other in Deviney Hall at FSU. I roomed with my best friend Arielle while my other best friends, Nati and Gabi, were directly across the bathroom. And let me tell you, the first month of living together was almost like a dream. While everyone else had to endure the traditional freshman struggle of meeting new people, I felt absolutely secure with the routine I had going on. For example, here are how my mornings would typically go during my first fall semester:

The bathroom doors swing open at 9:30 A.M. Sharp. Gabi and Nati come over to our side. “Good morning everyone!” Quick hugs are exchanged as we get ready for class. Arielle steps out for class first. Gabi, Nati, and I scream: “MISS YOU ALREADY!”

As chick-flick as this appears, this was every d*mn day. Quickly, these 3 girls went from hanging out with me 50% of the time to 110% of the time. We ate together, studied together and went out together. But unfortunately, it becomes a little difficult when the only downtime you get to yourself is when you're going to sleep. Whoever said personal space isn’t important, lied to you. As the months in the fall semester continued to go by, boundaries slowly began to dissipate. A suitemate you don’t know would politely wait to use the bathroom while you’re in the shower. Nope, not with us.


Then, the television issue arose.

Gabi: “Nati, it is 1 AM. Can you please turn off the TV?”

Nati: “...No.”

And then we reach the climax. The alarms.

Me: “Gabi your alarm has been ringing for 15 minutes. You need to go to class.”


Arielle: “D*mn!”

Bickering probably became the most commonplace in our dormitory. Typically, when someone has a horrible day they head home, relax and sleep. But when all of this excess stuff is going on, it’s difficult to catch a breath and take your mind elsewhere. Bickering became escalated fights, sometimes even yelling. One time our hall neighbor even told us he heard our drama as he detailed specifically: “Yeah, uh, I heard you call her a b*tch...”  There really is no excuse other than a ridiculous BFF catfight.

By the chilly month of November, we had been through a lot. We had met tons of new people, we had several existential crises, late nights, tears shed, exams passed... some failed. But at the end of the day, we always did it together. Don’t get me wrong, living in a cramped dorm with three of your closest friends is definitely a safety hazard, almost identical to living with your family in a massive cubicle. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. Let me discuss some of the amazing parts.

freshman roommates Miquelle de la Ossa

With my girl squad, we always maximize our time together. After a long week of homework, Arielle’s cheerleading, IM soccer games and studying in Strozier for hours, the weekend is never boring. I would say that almost every weekend, no matter if a tropical storm is allegedly supposed to slam Tallahassee and shut down campus, we always found a way to have the best times.

College has definitely not turned out as I had tried to imagine when I was younger. But just thinking about how I have amazing friends that became my second family while I was away from home, it all feels like a blessing. The memories I’ve made this year is enough to make me eagerly anticipate the next three years. And when my best friends and I are old and wise, I’m sure we’ll still be talking about our college days. 

All images courtesy of Miquelle de la Ossa.

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