I Did My Makeup Like a Euphoria Character Each Day of the Week

Let’s just say that I like to stick to what I know. A simple black cat eye is my everyday go-to in the makeup department. However, after watching HBO’s new drama Euphoria, I felt like my makeup habits needed to change. So, this week I decided to test out some VERY different looks than I am used to, neon eyeshadow, glitter tears and all.

Monday: Jules’ Lemon Drop Lids

Courtesy: (left) Doniella Davy Courtesy: (right) Emily Tomczak

When my alarm told me it was time to rise and shine, there was no kidding around. Sitting in front of my vanity with my neon NYX palette and brush in hand, I gladly slapped on some playful yellow eyeshadow and added the blue circular accent on the lower lash line. However, it took a bit more courage for me to draw on the Avant-Garde white eyeliner. What would people think of the bizarre placement?! I popped on some Benetint lip stain and got ready to walk out the door. Once the look was fully done, I was quite excited. It was a definite mood lifter and the rich yellow shadow paired well with my big blue eyes. While in class, I thought I would get some strange looks, but nobody blinked twice. It wasn’t until later in the day that I got confused staring and the question “is your makeup supposed to look weird?” But that was just my mom over FaceTime, so not much harm was done. Although I might omit the white liner, I would definitely wear this look again. It was really easy to recreate and paired well with my skin tone and eye color. Not to mention, it put a smile on my face each time I passed by the mirror.


Tuesday: Maddy’s Neon Liner

Courtesy: (left) Doniella Davy Courtesy: (right) Emily Tomczak

Admittedly, this was the most difficult look that I had to create all week. I struggled with improvising since I do not own a neon orange eyeliner. I did my best using, as I did on Monday, the NYX neon eyeshadow palette. Not having a liquid liner was rough. First I carved out my liner using a cream-based concealer. Then I packed the neon orange eyeshadow overtop. This method took (way) too much time, but made the makeup last all day, even when the Florida sky unleashed buckets of water on me as I was biking home. Although the look was not as vivid as I had hoped, it got tons of compliments. Another win in my book. I would totally wear the look again. I might even have to raid Ulta’s shelves for some neon eyeliner…


Wednesday: Kat’s Electric Kitten Eyes

Courtesy: (left) Doniella Davy Courtesy: (right) Emily Tomczak

Out of all the looks I tried out, this one was my absolute favorite. Originally, I chose it because it was more toned down. I had a formal presentation for one of my courses and didn’t want my makeup to be too distracting so when I recalled this catty liner look, I knew it would be the perfect amount of Euphoria and business casual. All day long, I got compliments on the look. People messaged me on Snapchat after posting a selfie to tell me that the look really brought positive attention to my eye shape and color. In my opinion, this look was effortless while still being chic and attention-grabbing. In the future, I plan on incorporating this look into my everyday routine. The pop of color on the lower lid could easily be changed to match and add style to any outfit in my wardrobe. Overall, I am glad I tried this look out because it showed me that makeup can be representative of your style and personality while still appearing professional.


Thursday: Maddy’s Icy Blue Shadow

Courtesy: (left) HBO Courtesy: (right) Emily Tomczak 

Once again, I chose to recreate a look from the character Maddy. Her looks are so captivating and play with color in ways that I could never imagine wearing on a day-to-day basis. I would have to say this was my least favorite look of the week. Recreating it was simple, but I felt that my shade of blue was much different than Maddy’s. In addition to feeling bummed about the difference of my recreation, I felt like the blue washed my skin tone out and made me appear sickly. Another noteworthy experience was that this look was really difficult to match with my wardrobe. I ended up wearing a black tank top, a cardigan and jeans, but I still felt like the eyeshadow threw off my styling. Similar to Monday, not many people commented on the eyeshadow. However, this makeup look was not as intense as some of the others I had already worn.

Friday: Rue’s Glitter Tears

Courtesy: (left) HBO Courtesy: (right) Emily Tomczak

Finally, the look everybody has probably been waiting for… glitter tears! This week would definitely have been a fail if I didn’t attempt to try this look. I did not wear this one to class (on the thought that it may be a little extra), but I definitely had a fun time taking photos to show it off.  This look was super easy to imitate but was painfully messy. By the time I finished, I think every inch of me (and my bathroom) was covered in glitter. While Rue’s tears appear more liquid and flowing, I went for a more drawn on look by using NYX’s glitter rollerball, glitter glue and loose glitter pigment. To call this look extravagant would be an understatement. In my opinion, it really blurred the lines between everyday makeup and costume makeup but I would probably wear this again (just with less glitter).

Overall, this week was really interesting, and I am glad that I went outside of the box in the makeup department. I became much more comfortable experimenting with different looks and decided that I will be adding more color and shine into my makeup looks from here on out. If you’re interested in learning more about the makeup in Euphoria, check out makeup artist Doniella Davy’s Instagram and another HerCampus article about the meaning behind the makeup.

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