Becca Cardenas: FSU’s A Cappella Sweetheart Does It All

Name: Becca Cardenas

Age: 21

Year: Junior

Hometown: Valrico, FL

Major: Communications & French

Her Campus (HC): Hi Becca! What organizations are you involved with here at FSU?

Becca Cardenas (BC): Hi! Well, I’m a third year member of the a cappella group

All-Night Yahtzee. That takes up most of my time. It’s like a full-time job that I really love. We’re always rehearsing. I’m the PR chair for the group as well, which means I run our social media accounts and do some design work for our website. I’m majoring in communications, so I enjoy that kind of stuff. I’ve also done some work with Seminole Productions, writing features on athletes. I want to be a broadcast journalist one day, so I’m trying to get as much experience as I can. One of my favorite things in the world is writing stories about people.

(HC): Are you involved in Greek life as well?

(BC): Yes, I’m a member of Pi Phi and I love it. I was the chair for our philanthropy, First Book, last semester. We provide books for children in need. It’s a wonderful cause. When I was going through the recruitment process, I remember really wanting to join Pi Phi specifically because I was so excited that First Book was the organization they did charity work for. I think promoting literacy is so important. We go to schools and read to elementary school kids once a month and we also did some work with the Boys and Girls Clubs here in Tallahassee.

(HC): Were you an avid reader as a kid?

(BC): I definitely was. Books have always been an important part of my life. Even with my crazy busy schedule now, I still try to find the time to read a little every night. It’s my way of relaxing.

(HC): It seems like you have a wide variety of interests. What made you want to be a part of All-Night Yahtzee and devote most of your time to that?

(BC): I participated in show choir in high school, and I also did a lot of theatre. I decided to audition for All-Night Yahtzee my freshman year after hearing them perform at the new student convocation. I knew then that I had to give it a try!

(HC): You guys came in first place at the ICCA Quarterfinals in January. Tell me a little bit about the ICCA Semifinals coming up in Nashville!

(BC): It’s coming up soon! This is our last week of rehearsals before we go on spring break. The competition is March 15. Whichever group places first goes to the finals in New York. I’m beyond excited to perform and explore Nashville with some of my best friends, and really proud of how hard we’ve worked. I know we’ll be happy with what we’ve accomplished no matter what the judges say. I’m also happy for the other a cappella groups from FSU and UF that are coming to Nashville with us. We’re putting Florida on the map!

(HC): Does the football rivalry between our school and UF carry over into the a cappella world?

(BC): It doesn’t! There’s really no rivalry between FSU and UF in the a cappella world. We all love each other. I’m actually good friends with some of the people in No Southern Accent, UF’s co-ed a cappella group. I can’t wait to see them! We’re all so excited.

(HC): What’s your favorite thing about FSU?

(BC): The school spirit. It’s incredible here. Also, how many people are able to say that they were attending a college during the same year its football team won a BCS National Championship? We can! I think that’s rare and really cool.


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