24 Brushes for 12 Dollars, Why Not?

Have you ever been up at four in the morning scrolling through Amazon as Netflix plays in the background? Well I have, a lot, and luckily for you, I’ve found some great deals and I’m here to share my latest find. I’m always skeptical of finding anything makeup related on Amazon, but I was shocked to see the reviews on this brush set. For just twelve dollars you get fourteen brushes; that’s less than a dollar a brush. People are going crazy for these brushes, and I mean for the price alone who wouldn’t? All the brushes are synthetic, which doesn’t trap any makeup in the fibers which makes it particularly good for liquid makeup like foundation and concealer, but they also do a great job of blending. In this set you get the following brushes:

  1. Angled Brush
  2. Flat Angled Brush
  3. Face Flat Brush
  4. Round Brush
  5. Tapered Brush
  6. Blending Brush
  7. Angled Eyeshadow Brush
  8. Classic Eyeshadow Brush
  9. Concealer Brush
  10. Precise Brush
  11. Detail Brush
  12. Angled Detail Brush
  13. Classic Detail Brush
  14. Eyeliner Brush

And on top of all the brushes you get, the ratings for this set is four and a half stars with seven hundred and fifty-two customer reviews. Amazon has picked the set as one of its top-rated products and the set is number twenty-eight in Amazon’s bestseller rank for beauty and personal care.

Customer reviews typically range from four to five stars, with most people loving the set. The focus is mainly on the quality of the brushes, they are said to be super soft and don’t collect too much product in them so you’re not wasting much. Others say that the brushes apply makeup even better than most beauty sponges, smoother and less product is collected in the actual applicator.

It’s really a no-brainer to get this set, I know I ordered mine a few days ago and with my student prime, it should be here any day! I’m super excited to try all the brushes out and see how they perform for myself. If you end up getting the set let me know what you think of the brushes for yourself!