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As the weather gets warmer and we spend more and more time outside, we often find ourselves feeling happier, more social, and more energetic. However, we also often find ourselves digging through messy drawers for our short-sleeved shirts and sneezing profusely from the dust built up on our desks. Cue the tradition of “spring cleaning”. Some say the concept of “spring cleaning” originated when Jews cleaned their homes to remove remnants of bread before Passover, which is usually celebrated in late March or early April (learn more about this story here). However, this time period has now become a prime opportunity for cleaning businesses to advertise their products and for social media to be flooded with posts and comments about how much better individuals feel after spending a few days deep cleaning. If you want to get on the spring-cleaning bandwagon, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks for you to note before you start.

Get in the Mood!

If you approach cleaning with reluctance and force yourself to do it rather than looking forward to it, odds are you won’t be very successful. So get in the mood! Play some of your favorite music and dance around while you wipe down your countertops. Watch your favorite show while you reorganize your drawers. One of my favorite things to do while cleaning is watch Youtubers like Hannah Meloche or Margot Lee. Margot recently posted a spring-cleaning video that’s guaranteed to get you in the mood to start dusting and sweeping! Watch her video here as you clean.

Wash your sheets!

We often underestimate the time we spend in our beds. An average of eight hours every night rolling around (and maybe drooling in) the same space sounds pretty disgusting when you think about it, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve washed your sheets, pillowcase, or bedding. If you’re a college student, I know stripping your bed and dragging everything down to the laundry room to wash it sounds like a daunting task. But you will be happy you did, and feel much cleaner as you lay down to sleep each night.

Donate, donate, donate!

As you declutter your drawers, make a pile of clothes that are too small/big (or just not your style) that you can donate. This is much more productive than simply throwing them out and will mean that your spring-cleaning has a positive effect on someone other than yourself. Especially in the age of the COVID pandemic, more and more people are desperate for basic necessities like clothes, old books, old toys, etc. Make a difference in their lives while making a difference in your own.

Don’t limit decluttering to your physical space

Don’t just freshen up your bedroom – freshen up your mindset, attitude, and physical health as well. Take up meditating to clear and declutter your mind the same way you declutter your closet. Focus on eating nutritious foods so that you can have a body that is as clean as your kitchen. Journal, use the longer hours of sunlight to take morning walks, exercise more, do whatever you need to do to improve your mental and physical health. After all, living in a clean space is great, but it won’t be as rewarding if you’re stuck with a negative mindset.

Clean your phone, headphones, and laptop!

As we are still working and learning from home, we use our phones, headphones/Airpods, and laptops more than ever. All the dirt and grime you get on your hands throughout your day is also infecting your keyboard, phone screen, and headphones. Don’t forget to deep clean these as well! Read this article to learn the safest ways to clean your technology without damaging it.

These tips and tricks are sure to help you have a more successful spring-cleaning session – or at least, hopefully, motivate you to start! Happy cleaning!

Kaleigh Pfohl

Fordham '23

Kaleigh is an International Political Economy major at Fordham and loves writing, reading, and social activism!
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