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Christina Errichiello, FCRH ’15

Name: Christina Errichiello

Single or Taken: Taken

Major: Pre-Med, General Science

What she’s looking for in a significant other: I like the total package: a guy has to be cute and smart, but most importantly he has to be able to make me laugh. Also, respect is a huge thing for me.

Why she picked Fordham: My brother went here and when I visited I knew I had to come here. I also have always loved the city and loved that Fordham was the best of both worlds.

Campus involvement: Does Tribar count?

Fill in the blank: ______ are a girl’s best friend. Pizza, pizza and more pizza. Duh.

What is your hidden talent? I can play the piano and apparently that’s a hidden talent since my roommates didn’t even know.

Do you prefer to make the first move of have him come to you? I’ve always preferred guys who have the confidence to come up to me and make the first move.

Who is your celebrity crush? Luke Bryan

What is your life motto? “Life’s a party, rock your body.” – Marcel the Shell


  Fordham University 2015, Gabelli School of BusinessBusiness Administration Major, Concentration in Marketing, Secondary Concentration in International Business  
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