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The Best/Worst Valentine’s Day Date Spots


Valentineʼs Day is right around the corner, so itʼs time to start planning that date! No matter if you spend the day with a group of friends or one-on-one with your guy, there are tasty restaurants for everyone to check out just steps away from campus. Students may sometimes forget about the amazing food that surrounds us here in the Bronx, so this holiday is the perfect time to venture into Little Italy and fall in love with Arthur Ave! Here are the best (and worst) date spots for this upcoming February 14th:
White Castle 
This should be obvious, but unless you and your date have a thing for greasy food, this fast-food joint wonʼt be serving romance. Although White Castle advertises itself as the perfect spot for your Valentineʼs Day date, complete with checkerboard tablecloths and seating for two, I assure you that there are much better choices out there.
Estrellita Poblana
I love this place just as much as the next girl, but I wouldnʼt exactly call it ʻromantic.ʼ The tight seating arrangements and club-y, fast-paced music may not be exactly what youʼre looking for in an impressive date night.
Umai Fusion
Another very small restaurant with not-so-great sushi. Plus, not everyone likes sushi, so going somewhere with a very specific menu may be a bit risky. Instead, go to a restaurant that has a more basic selection with plenty of options.
Perhaps some only think of this bar/restaurant as an after-hours weekend spot, forgetting all about its delicious dinner menu. The atmosphere and music are perfect for making lasting impressions, and the food is definitely date-worthy.
Zero Otto Nove
This restaurant happens to be my personal favorite, and its authentic atmosphere makes it feel like youʼve just stepped off the streets of the Bronx and into Italy. Zero is complete with mood-setting music, candle-lit tables and seriously delicious food (try the pizza!).
This idea is for an adorable late afternoon/early evening date. Tinoʼs isnʼt open during normal dinner hours, so go at around 4/4:30 for some delicious Italian deli-style food. Afterwards, walk a bit further down the block for some dessert at Palomboʼs. Palomboʼs even offers a Fordham discount, so you can load up on pastries and not break the bank.
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Julie is a senior at Fordham University concentrating in Journalism. Aside from writing, some of her favorite things include working out, reading mystery books, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, watching The Office and Mad Men, playing with dogs, and trying any food that has chocolate as its main ingredient.Follow Julie on Twitter: @julietortora92 
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