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Growing up, I felt like I couldn’t relate to my girlfriends every time they spoke about their visits to the gynecologist and their open relationship with their parents. Although I grew up in a healthy household and I have always been extremely close to my parents, I did not have that open communication with them when it came to my personal situations, such as sex and sexual health. With that said, I did not go to a gynecologist until I independently went this year that I turned 21. Little did I know, I was supposed to be going a long time ago. My friends would tell me about their sex life since as early as the middle school days and since I was not sexually activie yet, I did not think I needed to go to the gynecologist. That is a huge misconception. A girl does not need a reason to visit the gyno, she could simply go to build a relationship with her doctor, get to know herself and her body, and simply to look out for any issues. Women are all hormones and due to those hormonal changes, it is easy for any irregularities to occur and it is important to detect them early on.

Why to Go

However, there are certain incentives as to why every girl should start visiting the gyno as soon as possible. Pelvic exams, to start off with, are great examples of why to go to the gyno. This exam is intended to detect any unusual growth or changes in a woman’s body that may develop and sexually transmitted infections. Other indicators to schedule an appointment are: irregular period cycles, heavy bleeding, intense cramps, changes in vaginal discharge, bleeding during urination, painful intercourse, and lumps in breasts. If any of these things are occurring in your body, why wouldn’t you want to know what it is? In order to help yourself and take care of your body, you must go to the gyno at least once a year. There are many things out there you may be totally unaware of until you actually visit your gyno. 

What to Expect
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Every girl, especially first timers, has experienced nerves when even thinking about going to the gyno. But, don’t even worry, there is nothing to be nervous about. I will give you some pointers here on what to expect. When you visit the gyno, it is important to be utterly honest more than anything. If you are not honest, your doctor will be misled and won’t know the causes for whatever you are experiencing. It would be counterproductive. Keep in mind there will be a female chaperone in the room at all times, even if your doctor is a woman herself. During a pelvic exam, one will experience pressure, but NOT pain. You also don’t need to worry about shaving or waxing. Doctors have seen it all and they won’t care. All you need to do is be clean so either A. shower with the right feminine soap or B. use vaginal wipes before your visit. Know that it is 100% allowed to bring a companion with you, they can either wait outside or go in with you… it is under YOUR control! If you schedule your appointment and you get your period before, I suggest rescheduling. Not only does the blood cause inaccurate results, but the hormonal changes that occur during your period can mislead the doctor. Drink lots of water before, trust me. You will be asked to pee in a cup for a urine test. There is absolutely no blood sample necessary or a pelvic exam if you are under 21. Lastly, you do not need an internal exam to get prescribed for birth control pills! That is all! 

I hope this article eased your mind a little bit about all these things… trust me, I have been there too, scared and all. Once you go, you will be relieved because it really isn’t that bad and you are taking full control of your self care!

I am an FIU student pursuing two separate degrees: Journalism and Political Science, along with a Pre-Law Certificate. My passions are dancing, working out, and writing. New York City has my heart. My favorite movies are Legally Blonde, Sex and the City, and The Longest Ride. I am a huge advocate for self development, and becoming the best version of myself while inspiring others around me to do so as well.
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