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FIU Sororities Take Stand Against Tau Kappa Epsilon

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

On September 28 2017, all Florida International University administration, the Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils as well as all chapter presidents received an anonymous email with the subject “The Boys Are Back.” The email contained over 20 attachments of a Tau Kappa Epsilon group chat in which members shared images of nude women, mocked a deceased member of the Panhellenic community, sent photos of hazing, messages about sexual assault, pedophilia and drug distribution. The anonymous sender wrote: 

“According to an email sent by Chris Medrano, the IFC Advisor, FIU Administration says that these members of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity are NOT a violation of the student code of conduct. If this isn’t a violation then WHAT is? …”

Today, five out of the seven Panhellenic chapters at Florida International University released a statement agreeing to abstain from interactions with members of Tau Kappa Epsilon. The statement reads:

“From this point until the end of Fall 2018, we vow to exercise our right to abstain from interaction with the Sigma Alpha chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon. This includes refraining from partnership of any kind, such as mixers, homecoming, relay for life, dance marathon, beta breakdown, etc. we refuse to represent our organizations through visits to their chapter, nor will we welcome their visits to our chapter.” (See full statement)

In signing this statement, these chapters prove that morality and womanhood go beyond the letters and colors that they represent. It serves as a message not only to the brothers of the Sigma Alpha chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon, but to all men in Florida International University. The women in these chapters are taking a stand against objectification, humiliation and assault. 


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2017 FIU Her Campus president