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5 artists you should be listening to this Hispanic Heritage Month:

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Getting tired of only listening to “A Verano Sin Ti”? Here are some new artists to listen to in addition to Benito.

  1. Calma Carmona 

Soulful, R&B, New Age, and a splash of afrobeats are of the many types of genres Calma exudes in her music. With her first single coming out in 2014, Calma has evolved a very specific sound to bring something completely new to Latin music. Her Spanish discography could lure anyone into having her songs on repeat. 

Recommended song:

Sentir- Calma Carmona

2. paopao 

Latin music could be getting their next big thing from Puerto Rico since Bad Bunny with paopao. Since there aren’t too many female urban Latino artists, to begin with, paopao stands out aside from her unique haunting twist to an already defined genre. Her popularity is certainly bound to grow, with her Mora collab on her newest album. It will surely bring in loyal Latin Urbano listeners to her music which has the potential to be #1 on the charts for sure. 

Recommended song:

paopao- algo asi

3. Carla Morrison  

Morrison has been in the music scene for a while now since 2010. She has been a pioneer for Latin indie artists alongside people like (limón y sal). When you’re in need of a softer sound, look no further than Carla for making you feel on cloud 9.

Recommended song: 

Eres tu- carla morrison 


4. La goony chonga 

If you’re looking to shake it and get down after an airy day after the first few artists, look no further than La goony for your fix. This Cuban-American reggaetonera has something for all those influenced by the Miami scene. If old-school reggaeton is on all your playlists, adding Goony to them will certainly be the boost you’ve needed to keep them fresh.

Recommended song: 

Paleta– La goony chonga 

5. Omar Apollo 

Finally, for my personal favorite, Omar Apollo has been on the scene since 2017 with his first single “ Ugotme”. Lately, he’s been making waves on TikTok and the billboard charts with “evergreen” from his latest album. His Mexican roots are very evident in his music and he proudly displays his vocal capabilities in both Spanish and English throughout his discography. If you’re a Spanglish speaker into r&b/pop, looking for something refreshing, he is 100% for you.

Recommended song: 

Tamagotchi – Omar Apollo 

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