10 Wholesome Art History Memes That Prove Humans Have Struggled Since the Beginning of Time

We all know FIT students love a good trip to an art museum, especially the Met. What could be better than spending a rainy afternoon gazing at an endless array of artwork? However, some of the paintings are just screaming out to be meme-ified. If you're an art nerd in need of a laugh, here are some of the best art history memes to give you wholesome culture and a laugh.

1. We’ve all met that person. Just smile and nod…

2. God forbid I misspell a word when we’re texting at 2 AM.

3. You’ve gotta hide those illegal snacks somehow.

4. There’s always that one annoying friend - just send a yes or no; are you even ALIVE?

5. I mean, how could you NOT?

6. Right, because a free orange for breakfast totally justifies this $350/night hotel stay

7. Same, Jesus. Same.

8. Hey guys, can you please just let me get some rest?

9. We all hate this person.

10. Way to be inconspicuous, Edna

Despite being hundreds of years old, artists back in the day totally get it. Humans have always had the same innate reactions and telltale facial expressions. I guess some things never change.