Transitioning Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring

In the midst of a chilly winter, it's hard to believe that spring is fast approaching; but it is! Although the season doesn't technically start until March 20th, it may start feeling like spring before then. This period of awkward in-between weather will bring about snow, rain, slush, and mild temperatures. Because of the intermittent season, it can be tough to combine your winter and summer wardrobes, especially with the restraints of a college student. The secret to surviving the still-chilly middle months is transitioning your wardrobe!

First and foremost, don’t forget to keep spring trends in mind! By the latter half of the winter season, retailers are already unloading their spring merchandise at a rapid pace. By sifting through stores you’ll be able to scope out what’s new, and maybe find some great deals in the process!

Remember that layering is your friend. Layered looks aren’t just for the wintertime anymore, they can be used to give you that extra boost of warmth you need before the spring season is in full swing! The mild temperatures may not require a heavy winter coat, but the air will still have a slight chill that will leave you shivering without a jacket or some layers. A tank, cardigan, and denim jacket can work as a perfect combination for the mild weather. Mixing up different trends and keeping your layers simple will help get you through the confusing weather.

As we roll into springtime, it’s crucial to brighten up your wardrobe as much as possible. This means pops of color, bold prints, and great texture. Start swapping your dark neutrals for pastels and brights and throw in a pattern now and again. A taste of springtime in your wardrobe is sure to get you noticed!

Now that you’ve seen my ideas on transitioning into your spring wardrobe, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below if you have any other suggestions or ideas for bringing your winter wardrobe into spring!