The Life of a NYFW Model


           It’s February, the best time of the year. I’m not talking about snow, or the Superbowl… and you can forget about Valentine’s Day… its Fashion Week in New York City! Every fashionista’s dream is to attend one of these events, and this year I get to be behind the scenes, backstage and on the runway with all the action.
            I was selected to model for an event during New York Fashion Week at the W Hotel that showcases up-and-coming designers’ collections. I will be walking for many designers from all of the country and even Beijing, China! This is an incredible opportunity for me and I am writing to you to share my experiences pre-fashion week and I’ll post again next week after the event. So far the process has been exciting, but extremely expensive. Not only did the models have to pay for trips to New York for auditions, call backs, and fittings, but also for shoes, makeup, and other things for the show. Despite this fact, it has been an amazing opportunity I wouldn’t trade for the world! 

Here’s a rundown of how it has gone so far:

First, there was the audition. Imagine 100+ models in white t-shirts and blue jeans, crammed into a little room. It was hectic, hot and a total mess! We walked in front of a camera, one by one, until every single model was finished. The owner of the company then spoke with us in small groups, indicating who he liked, didn’t like, and who needed improvement; I was in the last group. I was told that my look was good, but my walk was horrendous. I was then given information to attend a class to work on my walk- for $60! I attended the class and learned a great deal about how to walk. They were impressed with my improvement and said they would be in touch. A month or so later I was contacted, and I found myself at callbacks and then at fittings with the designers. 

From what I have seen, there are many different methods designers use for fittings. I’m going to list a few of the ways I’ve encountered so far. At my first fitting, the designer took our measurements and photos which she used to determine what outfits she wanted to use for the show. She was warm and inviting and valued our input. At the next, the two designers had me try on 7 different garments and then sent me on my way with very little interaction at all. They were rather rude- but hey, that’s the industry! The following fitting was at the designer’s apartment. I walked in and she was making chocolate covered pretzels for her friend’s baby shower… then offered me one. (Which I had to politely decline, thinking “Is this a test??”) She was funny, kind, and even chatted with me after we were done with work that needed to be done. Overall my impressions of these designers were good and I’m really lucky to have had this opportunity.

            Have you guys and gals ever been in, or worked at, a fashion show? Did you have similar experiences? I’d love to hear back from you! Feel free to write back in the comments below, and be sure to check back next week for my article post “5 minutes of fame” to hear how the show went in the “News” section.