F.I.T Honors The Sci-fi World


After months of planning and preparing, a few weeks ago, the Fashion Design Club at F.I.T launched their annual Design Competition that captures a new and exciting theme each year. For this years competition, they were highly inspired by Sci-fi films and comic hence, they geared their competition criteria based on Sci-fi themes. This design competition was open to all majors who dared to take on the challenge and was not only limited to the Fashion Design student. Sci- fi overall is a very interesting concept and the possiblities of what could be created were endless, so it was really alluring to see the ideas of each contestant. The turn out was pretty great and though there were many contestants crossing their fingers for the first place win, a few pieces clearly stood out and made a statement. What I will agree on is that the level of creativity was innovative, and the concept from each designer was throroughly thought out. What made this competition even more engaging to the viewers was that fact that there were no specified judges. Instead, all the guests who came to view the exhibit was able to vote for their winner. As everyone went around the room to observe all the designs, lounge and socialize, they provided delicious refreshments. At the end of the night, Ou Ma of Beijing was deemed the winner with her very futuristic emsemble of mixing white leather with a transparent vinyl fabric. Her concept was very enticing and was fascinated by many, with very clean lines and impeccable sewing construction. We want to congratulate the winner! It was well deserved.