Campus Cutie: Julie Simonsen ‘13

Name: Julie Simonsen
Year: 2013
Major: Fashion Merchandising Management
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Favorite Class: When I like a class it’s because I relate to the professor. So I could have the best class and worst professor, but I’d still hate the class. My professor for my first merchandising class was really great. He was the first one I felt like I could go to and talk to outside of class and I felt like we really connected—it’s so important to find someone like that!

Favorite quote: It’s so cliché, but everything happens for a reason. I really, truly, actually believe it. When anything bad happens in my life, if I think of that quote it’s really reassuring. Even if I don’t know the reason when it happens, I always figure out what the reason was and it always makes the bad thing a positive experience.

$hopping: Marshalls & TJ Maxx! I feel like you get the best deal and it isn’t something that everyone else is wearing, plus I grew up going to those stores. They’re my mom’s favorite stores, too, which make them that much better (I really love my mom!).

Something that people don’t know from looking at me: I feel like my whole life when people look at me they have this perception of me—blonde, high school cheerleader, etc.—if I knew someone was judging me I would want them to know I’m not just like that and that I’m really ambitious. I’m not the typical blond stereotype that people group me into.

My summer in Paris: The overall experience at first was really scary because I didn’t know anyone I was going with, but meeting new friends in a new country was a really great experience. Being able to be part of that culture and not worry about the things that you worry about when you’re home is something that you learn a lot from. Everyone should have that experience so they can grow from it. I wish I learned how to speak more French (it’s why I was there!) and that’s my only regret—everything else was pretty perfect.

Advice to Freshmen: If I was a freshman, I’d want someone to tell me that I’m at this school for a reason and pretty much everything that you learn in college is valuable… You learn so much about yourself and discover your future goals, so take it all in and grow from it.