24 Fashion: The Inside Scoop

Only HC F.I.T. got an exclusive look at what went on behind the scenes at 24 Fashion, the fashion show put on by BSU. We got to speak to the creative minds behind this whole production and got to see everything that went into show.

Backstage at 24 Fashion, Production Manager and Director, David J. Hamilton, made an announcement and the whole room became silent with attentive listeners. With just one hour to go until the start of the show everyone immediately snapped into focus to listen to what this BSU president had to say. To our surprise, David introduced us to his whole team, putting us in the spotlight, to tell everyone who we are and what Her Campus is about! For one second we got to feel what it must have felt like out on the runway that night.

We look around and see models, production assistants, camera crews and designers shuffling about. Observing every designer in their own little area, we notice that although busy, they don’t seem flustered; rather, focused. There are assortments of fruit and cheese platters, bottled water and old-fashioned looking diet coke offered to everyone backstage. Very official. It’s the minor details like these that show how much thought was put into every aspect of this show—right down to the well-being of everyone on the night of the show. We get started right away, chatting up everyone involved. BSU Vice President and Stage Manager, Seve Robinson, tells us what 24 Fashion is about and the reasoning behind it. “Here at F.I.T, 24 fashion is the name of the show, we do this every day. Everybody back here, you know, works on fashion 24/7. Whatever aspect, some people are design, some are business, I’m personally textiles…this is what we do. I mean, that’s what we go to school for, that’s why we’re here…to celebrate what we do everyday and who we are everyday.”

After our convo with Seve, we head straight to the hair and makeup station to take a peek at all the models getting glammed up. (And yes, the mirrors were lined with those Hollywood-esque light-bulbs making anyone who looked in them feel like a full-fledged celeb) The makeup artist of the night Nickia Williams let’s us know what’s hot for fall: “structure…a deep cranberry lip and [eye] liner.” Unknowingly, we stop (what we thought to be) a model in a black bustier top, giant red tutu and small top hat with a red ribbon tied around it asking to take a picture. Assuming the outfit must be one of the designer’s creations, we find out that our “model” is Kimberly Nichole, performer for tonight’s show and that the outfit is entirely hers!

We even run into Nik Pace from America’s Next Top Model! (Cycle 5) She was a surprise guest attending the show.

Finishing up interviewing the designers, we slip out just in time to grab our seats before the show starts.
The designs that came down the runway were great and host, Rae Holiday, had us cracking up in our seats. We left the show feeling energized and thankful of how warmly we were treated by everyone backstage. After filing out of the Haft auditorium we stopped in our dorm for a quick change and it was on to the BSU Blackout after party for us!

Check out our exclusive interviews with the designers on the pages to follow: