Meet The "Hair" Stylist: Meredith Tuozzoli

If you didn't already know, Her Campus Fairfield absolutely loves Hair! We are so lucky to be so close to a ~fabulous~ salon with such a talented team of stylists. 

We want all of Fairfield to meet these stylist and take advantage of all they have to offer! It is not too late to transition over to fall hair with the talented Meredith.

Meet The Stylist: Meredith 

Name: Meredith Tuozzoli

Hometown: Monroe

Type of Stylist: Cut and color (Master)

 Hair Specialties: Texture cut, curly hair shape, hair painting, natural grey coverage

Where did you go to school for hairdressing? State Academy of Cosmetology

 How long have you been in the business? 24 years

How long have you been working at Hair? 24 years

Favorite part about your job? Watching a smile come across someone's face when I am done with their cut/color!

 Favorite activity to do in your free time?  Hiking

 Interesting fact about yourself? I am fearless, artistic and creative. This said, I thrive in change either small or drastic.

 If you weren't doing hair, what would you be doing?  Journalism or art director