Fairfield University's Tobacco Free Policy

Over the last year, Fairfield University has been in the process of developing a "Tobacco Free Policy" on campus. This has been a slow process that is finally going to go into full effect next semester. Last Spring, the first initial change was put into place. This change banned the use of tobacco products  within 30 feet of campus buildings. Now it is set that the entire campus will be tobacco free on January 1st, 2018. 

Danielle Pittala, member of the class of 2015 and a current grad student at the university has been behind putting this policy in place along with Dr. Bartos in the Egan School of Nursing. Pittala explained, "I think this is such an opportune time for Fairfield to go tobacco free. We’re making the transition to a modern campus; our focus is modern excellence. This is an exciting time for Fairfield, and we have an opportunity to really lead the way with this kind of public health initiative. It supports our University’s mission, and aligns with the core Jesuit values. Originally i had brought this to the attention of the University in my junior year after attending a conference with the American Cancer Society. I had met with FUSA and student affairs a few times throughout that year and my senior and received a letter of support from them. Dr. Bartos in the Egan School of Nursing had also been working on this project and she really took it to the next level. I stayed at Fairfield for grad school and i was fortunate enough to be able to join her task force. We’ll be conducting research over the next few years to evaluate the policy change."

The Great American Smoke Out Event will be held on November 16th in the Tully as a way to kick off the policy. More information to follow.