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The 8 Types of Snapchatters

Most of us are familiar with the app Snapchat, which has been a source of pure entertainment for over a year now. Most of my friends would agree that I myself am probably one of the most obnoxious Snapcatters of them all. Everyone has those friends who tend to send the same infamous Snapchats that we either find hilarious or just cannot stand. I know I am guilty of most of the following…are you? 

1. The artists who have far too much time on their hands

2. The one who makes you feel like a lazy unhealthy piece of crap 

3. The one who doesn’t mind embarrassing themselves 

4. The one who needs to remind you how college they are

Bro you drink? You must be the coolest kid on your campus.

5. The one who makes you jealous that they are having a better time than you are

They want you to be jealous too…

6. The one who has the cutest pet …that you want to steal

Ugh I just want to put her in my pocket!

7. Then there is always the “looking hot but making it seem like I’m not really trying” selfie.

Admit it girls, you have sent this one before. Your hair and makeup are looking perfect, the lighting is just right and you decide to send an oh-so casual selfie with some random caption that has nothing to do with you or how good you happen to be looking in this particular Snapper. 

8. And of course the one with the unreasonably long Snapchat story…


I’m sure you have been guilty of at least one of the above if not all. Regardless, whatever type of Snapchatter you are, remember aside entertainment it’s a great way to socially connect with others. Just remember, don’t Snapchat anything you wouldn’t want to resurface…your friends will most likely screenshot your most humiliating Snapchats! 

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