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6 Life Lessons We Learned from Classic Disney Channel Shows

That’s So Raven- No matter what, everyone is beautiful

Oh snap! When Raven was rejected from the fashion show due to her body shape, she reacted in a very powerful way.  She made it clear that she was comfortable in her own body, and that everyone else should be too.  Girls should take this advice to heart as they stare longingly at the bodies of other girls.

Lizzie McGuire- Sometimes your soul mate is right under your nose

We all knew that Gordo was in love with Lizzie from the start, but she was way too busy obsessing over Ethan Craft to notice.  But finally in the Lizzie McGuire Movie they get together in the beautiful city of Rome!  Us girls have to realize that once we stop chasing our so-called “Prince Charming,” we’ll be surprised who has been there all along!

Hannah Montana- Find good friends who help you through both thick and thin

Once Miley’s best friends Lilly Truscott and Oliver Oken found out about her secret double life, they spent the next four seasons keeping it hidden.  These two didn’t care that they couldn’t brag about their pop-star best friend; they valued their friendship with plain, old Miley more.  But admiring this solid friendship, we realized that we should find great friends who value exactly who we are, and wouldn’t give that up for anything.

Kim Possible- You can do anythingWhat’s the sitch? Watching KP balance schoolwork, boys and fighting evil flawlessly, we realize that she was one busy girl.  However, when Kim put her mind to it, she could pull off just about everything- and so can we.

Even Stevens- Blood is thicker than water

Ren and Louis could not have been more different than one another.  Ren was a type-A personality perfectionist, while Louis was a jokester with a wicked, funny sense of humor.  But at the end of the day and despite the siblings’ contrast, they had each other’s backs.  Many of us have similar sibling situations, but we must realize that they are secretly our best friends and would stand up for us no matter what.

Wizards of Waverly Place- Mom (or parents for that matter) really do know best

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