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15 Reasons Why #SNL40 was the Mother of all Reunions

Did you miss last night’s SNL 40th Anniversary? If so, check out the article below and never speak to me. Did you see last night’s SNL 40th Anniversary, but couldn’t get enough? If so, check out the article below and call me right after so that we can discuss becoming friends. Did you produce last night’s SNL 40th Reunion Anniversary and your name is Lorne Michaels? If so, please check out the article below and hire me as a cast member. In any case, here’s the good stuff:

1. Jimmy Fallon and JT managed to fit 40 years’ worth of humor into one monologue

And Mary Katherine Gallagher stormed the stage with her armpit-smelling, superstar attitude

2. Celebrity Jeopardy found a way back into our lives

This star-studded show including Sean Connery, Tony Bennett, and Justin Bieber (and the rest who crashed-and burned) was complete with derogatory jokes, ethnic slurs, and a complete and total lack of any brain-power. God, it was good to have them back. 

3. Betty White graced us with her presence and graced Bradley Cooper with a kiss hotter than the sun

4. The Weekend Update desk once again belonged to our three favorite leading lady anchors 

5. Our favorites of the past were paid tribute to by adoring fans

Emma Stone as Gilda Radner’s “Roseanne Roseannadanna”

Melissa McCarthy as Chris Farley’s “Matt Foley”

6. Beyoncé came, but it wasn’t Beyoncé , but everybody was cool with it (except maybe Kanye?)

Queen Bey inevitably set off a wave of ambition and lead the rest of the unforgettable musical performers to stand up and ~do their thing~ 

7. Marty and Bobbi Culp still trying to be hip by singing “Turn Down The What”

8. Kath and Garth improvised their performance, as per usual 

9. King Tut came back into the picture for a hot second–Steve how’d you get so funky?

10. Bill Murray performing the “lost Jaws theme song”, which was actually kind of good (?)

11. And after “Bey”, we welcomed Pey(ton) Manning and Derek Jeter to talk about SNL and athletics, which basically consisted of ridding male professional athletes of any and all macho-ness 

12. Thankfully we were graced with the presence of some real musicians throughout the night:

Paul McCartney and Paul Simon

Just two dudes named Paul. No big deal or anything. 

Keith Richards

Whose hairstylist must have been fired after he finally looked in the mirror 

Miley Cyrus 

Shocking the crowd in an appropriate amount of clothing and no twerking 

But what takes the cake home is Kanye performing on his back 

Should anybody have offered him a pillow or something?


13. Taylor Swift didn’t perform but she dressed up as a Californian and tried to sabotage Betty White’s hot air balloon *gasp*

14. Then Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg sang about getting a “case of the giggles” which was all too relatable 

15. Wayne’s World once again allowed us to “party on” as they covered the “Top 10 Things About SNL” and allowed the crew workers to finally get their moment in the spotlight ranking as the #1 best thing about SNL. *tear tear*

And then we all cried because we realized this was the last skit and all we had to look forward to was Paul Simon performing (no offense Paul). So that my friends, sadly, was the end of the reunion that was “40 years in the making”. 

Until next time, Stefon.

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