The Positives of Having a Long Distance Relationship

Going off to college already has its challenges but being separated from your high school boyfriend or girlfriend for weeks at a time makes things even harder. Having a long distance relationship while in college is no doubt hard but there are also some positive aspects to it. I am currently in a long distance relationship with my high school boyfriend, we have been dating for over two years. Here are some things I have learned while having a long distance relationship and also some important tips for maintaining one.

  1. 1. Benefits

    The first positive thing about a long distance relationship is that you always have something look forward to. You will also learn how to make the most of your time when you are with them and the time you may have taken for granted with them before you will now cherish.

    The second benefit of a long distance relationship is being able to be free to learn, explore, and grow as a person and being able to become more independent. This will not only benefit you but also benefit your relationship.

    A third benefit of having a long distance relationship is being able to focus on schoolwork and studying without a distraction. This will help you maintain good grades.

    Another benefit of a long distance relationship is having lots of time to spend with your friends. You will also have more time to make new friends.

    Having time to join lots of clubs and activities is another benefit of having a long distance relationship. By doing these things you can branch out and discover things you like and also make new friends.

    The last benefit of having a long distance relationship is that it will make your relationship stronger.

  2. 2. Tips for Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

    Communicate- text, call and facetime each other it is important you don’t only text.

    Send goodmorning and goodnight texts.

    Play online games against each other, for example the iphone games.

    Send each other care packages- whether its a card or a gift, sending your boyfriend or girlfriend a care package every once in a while can show them you’re thinking of them.

    See each other as often as possible and put those dates on your calendar- having a specific day on your calendar that you can look forward to is important.

    Make sure you are both taking turns visiting the other and not just one person is doing the traveling. Watch the same netflix shows or read the same books and discuss them.