How To Get Over an EX

How To Get Over an EX

By: Mya Kermelewicz


Date yoself & treat yoself

Who says your SO has to be the one to buy you flowers and chocolates? Go get all your fav foods, face masks, and movies and have yourself a NIGHT. You know what’s best for you and how to make yourself happy, so go for it! There’s no need to rely on someone else to make you happy when you’re already amazing on your own. Take time for yourself and learn to really love yourself without anyone else.



Acknowledge that there are more partners to come ..

You know what they say... there’s always going to be other fish in the sea (; This is not the end I promise you. I love to think that there is someone out there for everyone and eventually we all end up with our soulmates. I’m a hopeless romantic so I know I’m cheesy! Seriously though you will have sex again, you will fall in love again, and you will be happy!



Toss // give back anything that reminds you of them ..

If you aren’t ready to let go of all the memories then that is perfectly fine, take your time. You can make an “Ex-box” and just put everything in it, put it away, and go back to it later when you’re ready. I have this rule that if my ex gave me jewelry I can’t wear it again until I’m 100% over them! C’mon I can’t throw nice jewelry out, I just really don’t have it in me...



Know that you can take as much time as you need ..

No specific time limit to get over someone, they say half the time you dated them but it doesn’t mean that you need to be .. I know that people say it typically takes about half the time you dated them to get over them but this isn’t always true. It could be before or after that, and when ever you do is perfectly okay and normal. Don’t feel pressured to get over someone, one day you’ll be walking down the street, see a cutie and you’ll be like Billy who?



Block, Unfollow, Block ..

This is a controversial thing for most people because they don’t want to seem like an asshole but also don’t want to see their exes face all over their instagram feed. Personally, I find it easier to cut all ties for a while because it just simply makes it easier. You won’t be tempted to reach out and start begging for them back. Maybe even delete their number so that you can’t send that regrettable drunk text. I know people love to hit ya with “let’s still be friends” but no sorry that probably won’t work - at least in the beginning.  

Find an outlet for your sadness; get creative

You can journal, make art, redo your room, whatever you’re feeling. You can also go to the gym, for runs, try yoga, boxing, etc. Basically anything to get all the negative energy and stress out. Honestly find a break / angry room near you because you can just pay to smash things in a room for an hour. Sounds super aggressive but take a friend and just let loose. Go wildddin in there.



Stay busy with your squad and family

This is just super obvious but surround yourself with your loved ones because they are the people who are always going to make you feel better and support you. Go out for some drinks and dancing, or stay in and have a movie night (Blake Lively’s new movie, A Simple Favor?). Go do all the fun things you can think of. It’s fall so you can go to fairs, apple picking, and hayrides! There’s plenty to keep yourself busy with you just have to get out there. The worst thing you could do is just sit in your room.