What Not To Do During Finals

1. Pull an all-nighter

2. Skip your workout

3. Party

4. Eat unhealthy food

5. Go to TA hours for the first time all semester

6. Watch a movie

7. Have a mental breakdown

8. Online shop for gifts

9. Look into dropping a class

10. Make winter break plans

11. Procrastinate

12. Use study drugs

13. Beg your teachers for extra credit

14. Drink insane amounts of coffee

15. Think about how your state school friends are already home

Sike! Finals season also means the last few weeks of the fall semester and nobody’s perfect! Your grades do not define you. Be nice to yourself. Forgive yourself. Do what you need to do so that you can feel good! Push through the last stretch of the semester!

I find it very easy to feel defeated during finals and regret my entire semester. It feels impossible to stay healthy and cram for finals at the same time. Some days I have to slack on my health in an attempt to stay on top of my classes, always hoping that I take care of myself just enough to not get sick. 

Plus, what’s one off-week when you can tell yourself that you have all of winter break to get back on track. College winter break is amazing and long but that means almost a month away from the people you see every day. I personally can’t study forever and if I have to take a break anyways, I might as well have fun with friends.

Ok so maybe they’re not ideal, but last ditch efforts to raise grades are made for finals season. After a semester of the sophomore slump, I know I need all the help I can get. 

Stay safe this finals season and do whatever works for you! Good luck!