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Writer’s Block: I can’t write anything other than schoolwork

Nowadays we all feel the urge to write, especially if you go to a liberal arts college. Sometimes you just want to write about your feelings; maybe write a story that has been running through your mind or maybe you just want to write a letter. But it feels like no matter the effort and brain power you put into writing said piece, you can’t. 

“I’ve written like three essays this week! Why can’t I write something else?” You ask yourself as you look at the blank page staring back at you. 

Sometimes classes drain all the creative energy you have in your brain, even if you’re writing something you like! Sometimes you just want to sit back and write something that is personally yours and no one else’s. But how can you after putting  your heart and soul into that literary analysis essay? 

It’s not uncommon to feel this way, especially when you haven’t given yourself a break from writing things for a class. Even as I’m writing this piece, I’m wondering if I should delete it and go do something else.  Nonetheless, I pushed through. 

And you can too. Sometimes just writing the frustration you’re feeling of having writer’s block can unblock you. Sometimes just writing about how much you disliked writing an essay for class works as well. 

Sometimes just not writing works too. You don’t have to force yourself to write for yourself. Especially if you just wrote three essays for your classes. It is just not fair to do that to yourself.

Now that you’re here go write… or don’t. That block will eventually dissolve. 

Ana Luque

Emerson '25

Journalism major from Emerson College excited to begin a new chapter in her life!
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