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Visit the Garment District in Boston: Costumes and Thrifting

The Garment District, or how they like to describe themselves, ‘an alternative department store,’ offers a variety of clothes options for young shoppers here in Boston. The Garment District is appealing both price, clothes, and visually wise. 

The store greets you with bright pink colors and vintage items hanging from the walls, immediately making you feel like you were transported back in time. On the first floor are both the Boston Costume area, as well as the ‘dollar-a-pound’ section, a favorite for college students. 

The ‘dollar-a-pound’ section offers people a pile of used clothes, shoes, jewelry, and more random items where you scavenge around trying to find something you like. It is appealing thanks to the variety of clothing and stuff you can find in the pile, and also because of how cheap it is. Once you have finished picking out your clothes from the pile, you pay your items by weight; it is only $2 per pound. Although it takes time, you can find a lot of goodies for a good price! 

The Boston Costume area is also a favorite, especially now during the spooky season. It offers a lot of rental costumes, as well as millions of accessories to pair up with your costume. According to their website, it is Boston’s biggest and best costume store. So if you still haven’t found a costume for this Halloween season, look no further and visit The Garment District. 

On the second floor, you can find the vintage and contemporary sections, where different clothing from all across the eras can be found. The vintage section offers authentic clothing from the 60s to the 80s. It also offers accessories and other cute vintage trinkets. The contemporary section offers a more modern thrifting experience, as the racks contain clothes from many stores such as Coach, Kate Spade, and Calvin Klein at a much cheaper price. The contemporary section also offers clothes for everyone including children. 

If you’re looking for good clothing and costumes for this season, come visit the Garment District located at 200 Broadway, Cambridge. 

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