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Trendy & Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for this Season

  1. Squid Game Contestant

Everyone’s been talking about Netflix’s new hit show, Squid Game. Dress up as your favorite contestants this Halloween season. 

Squid Game Costume $19.99
  1. Cruella from Cruella

Disney’s new movie Cruella brought audiences together with the fashionable villain’s backstory. Dress up like her this spooky Halloween! 

Cruela Gown Costume $53.99
  1. Wanda and Vision from Wanda Vision

Marvel’s new show introduced one of the most powerful couples in the superhero multiverse. Dress up with your partner or your friend as both Wanda and Vision for this Halloween. 

Wanda and Vision Costumes $45.99
  1. Beth Harmon from Queen’s Gambit

Netflix’s Queen’s Gambit introduced the public to chess prodigy Beth Harmon. Go back in time this Halloween and dress up like Netflix’s ‘it’ lady.

Beth Harmon Costume $45.45
  1. Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour Album Cover

Disney star Olivia Rodrigo’s album became one of the most popular albums this year. Dress up like the iconic Sour album cover with these stickers.

Sour Sticker Sheet $6.75
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