Our Generation’s Small Actions Can Lead To Big Change

What a difference there is between my parents' generation and mine! As I grew up, I realized that my parents' concerns are not the same concerns that I have. I remember that my parents used to tell me, "How nice would it be to have an oil well to get more energy." They also told me, "What a great energy is that of the nuclear reactor." This was engraved in my head. A few years ago, I realized that getting energy in that way is very polluting. Through many awareness campaigns, my friends of the same generation and I got involved in how to reduce such pollution and obtain energy without harming the environment. For example, we began to separate garbage into "recyclable" and "non-recyclable" bins. In this way, we put together aluminum cans, plastic bottles and bags, cardboard and paper—things that my parents had not done in their youth. All this made me curious… where was all this recyclable garbage going? I started to investigate and discovered that aluminum cans, bricks, plastic bottles, toilet paper, and plenty of other daily necessities are made from recyclable garbage. 

My curiosity went even further. Every year, it was hotter. The thermometer marked increasingly high temperatures. I knew that pollutants cause global warming, and thus, the melting of continental ice. I then got down to work. I no longer used the plastic straw and started ordering paper cups in coffee shops. Furthermore, my friends and I went to the river coast to collect plastic bottles. Through these small actions, I knew I was making a big change for the planet. I am not the only one, as there are many people of my generation with the same mindset. 

Burning fossil fuels are harming the planet and polluting the air. We need to move forward in our thinking and create a safer and healthier planet for all of us by propelling the country towards a clean energy economy. Unlike the generation of my parents, my generation is much more aware of pollution and is acting to minimize this problem. I am sure that with my grain of sand, I am contributing a great help to global climate change. Would it be enough? I believe so.