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As the holiday season approaches and Thanksgiving is around the corner, I wanted to share a few of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes. So let’s dive in!

I. Corn Pudding

The best recipe for this belongs to my family, and I have been eating it forever! I love being able to eat a vegetable (sort of) that tastes like HEAVEN during the holidays! The sweet, creamy corn is so decadent; this dish is strictly reserved for the holidays.

II. Cornbread dressing

Another delicious family STAPLE reserved for the holidays! The flavorful bits of cornbread, mixed with a few veggies, are absolutely divine. We rarely celebrate a holiday without this dish.

III. Yams

Having an obsession with yams is an understatement. The sweet and gooey sauce made with soft sweet potatoes, spices, and sugar is oh soooo good. Since they aren’t the healthiest, I try to only eat them in small increments.

IV. Pecan Pie

My mother’s recipe for this delectable dessert never leaves us with leftovers. A flaky homemade crust, soft yet crunchy pecans, with a tremendous amount of chewy filling is my favorite! Even though I can’t share my family recipe with you, I encourage you to find your own and try it! It will not disappoint!!

V. Green Peas

Peas are my favorite vegetable for the holidays. Flavored with loads of pepper and a dash of salt, this is an all time classic dish. If you need to eat your veggies before dessert, this is the way to go.

I would love to hear what your family Thanksgiving favorites are! Tag me in your IG story to let me know.  @triniteestokes

Trinitee Stokes is an actress,author, international speaker and fashion designer. Trinitee made history at age fourteen to become the youngest student ever admitted to Emerson College in Boston, MA where she will major in Political Communication and Public Diplomacy. @triniteestokes
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