Is Mercury Retrograde Messing With Your Life?

Has February got you in a funk? Have you been getting into silly arguments with friends and loved ones? Are your Apple products acting up? The planet Mercury could be the cause!

In 2014, Mercury is retrograde from February 6 to 28, as well as from June 7 to July 2, and October 4 to 25.

What is Mercury retrograde?

Well, the planets are always moving, and these movements have various effects on people. All planets go retrograde, but Mercury’s has a more prominent impact. Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth, and travel. When the planet goes retrograde (when it looks like it’s going backwards in the sky) these aspects of life go backwards as well. Mercury isn’t really going backwards, but from Earth it appears that way.

What happens when Mercury goes retrograde?

Everything and everyone goes crazy! Ok not really, but things can get pretty muddled. You may find yourself getting into ridiculous arguments over nothing, being unable to finish sentences or barely even able to form a coherent thought. Computers and other electronics are more likely to go on the fritz. Travel delays are another issue. It can be difficult to make big decisions at this time, and many experts advise against it. It is also said that you should not sign any contracts while Mercury is retrograde, as you may change your mind once life goes back to normal. Finally, it is very common to hear from old lovers, friends, and acquaintances during this time.

What can I do while Mercury is retrograde?

This is a chance to take a look at areas of your life that could use some work. It is a good time to form a new outlook, to re-organize, and to reflect. People often make major breakthroughs during this time, whether intellectual, emotional, or spiritual. Mercury retrograde is all about self-awareness and growth. Overall, the best way to cope with Mercury retrograde is to simply go with the flow. Don’t fight it – tread carefully, and be good to yourself and the people around you. Don’t take things too personally, and don’t be offended if others take what you say with a grain of salt.

Gala Darling has a great list of ways to make the most out of Mercury retrograde.

Thanks to Gala Darling as well for this helpful article explaining Mercury retrograde.