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How Our Friendships Change When Transitioning from High School to College

In high school, we countdown the days until graduation, ready to start a new chapter in our lives. This new chapter means making new friends and sometimes losing the ones we were already close to…

After being in college for about a month, I have noticed how much my connections have changed with my high school friends. I go to a school where none of my high school friends attend, forcing me to create new friendships in college. In high school, we had so much free time on our hands and we constantly spent time with friends. However, this has changed. Now, in college I am constantly doing homework. I am more focused on school and going to work so that I can be independent. 

 In college, we become more mature and have different priorities. Being in college, I want friends, but that is no longer my main focus. I often think that I want to have a small group of friends and have strong and healthy relationships with them. On the other hand, I have friends that I have casual coffee dates with. This depends on what is more important to me and what I want to work on in life. 

My high school friends have noticed that I am more distant. I mean we go to different schools. We do not see each other daily like we did in high school and we have different interests. In college, we are surrounded by people who have similar schedules and majors which causes us to bond over similar things. We may feel upset that we are losing touch with the people we just spent the last four years with but we are growing and becoming more mature and confident with ourselves which means our friendships will alter with us. 

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Born & raised in Boston, MA who comes from Albanian immigrants with a passion to write & publish work. I enjoy writing poetry about all types of topics such as women rights, my culture, love, Islam & much more.
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