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Episode Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S14E6


Alright, here we go again with the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap for this week, but for starters, if you haven’t watched any of the episodes so far, you can find my recaps of them below:

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Now, this episode is really special and important because not only is it a new episode, it is the 300TH episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ so WOW!  This means a lot of things that I am coming to realize while writing this.  I have spent 300 hours of my life watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ which is a very shocking number, but also doesn’t take into consideration how many times I have watched re-runs…so basically I’m realizing now that I have spent a much higher number than 300 hours watching this show so I think it is safe to say that this show has taken over my life.  And, if you’re reading this, that means you’re probably in the same boat.  So yeah, wow, 300 episodes.  We’ve watched so many characters grow up and change and I think it deserves a little moment of recognition that Shonda was able to keep all of us interested for this long [insert clapping noise in your own head for however long you’d like].  That being said, I know you are just dying to hear my recap of this episode, so, here it goes for episode number 300 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’!  

The episode opens with Meredith on the Ferry boat with Alex.  They are talking about how she was nominated for the Harper Avery award for the surgery that she did on Owen’s sister.  The scene then jumps to Amelia walking into Owen’s house again (because her stuff is still there).  She walks in on him and Carina in the kitchen.  

Cut again to Bailey this time, walking beside Ben’s car.  She is refusing to get in the car with Ben because he finally told her that he applied to the Firefighter academy.  She is angry with him, and decided to take the train instead, claiming that it is because she can’t rely on him but that she can rely on the train to take her home.  It then cuts again to Arizona trying to paint Sophia’s room from pink to green.  

At the hospital, the new interns are sitting in the tunnel, where Meredith’s intern group used to sit.  Mer has to catch a plane to Boston for the Harper Avery Awards and the interns tell her and Alex that there is an incoming trauma.  Mer decided that she would rather be down in the pit and takes off to help with the trauma.  Meanwhile, Deluca and one of the new interns, Sam, are having an argument over why she is at Grey Sloan memorial hospital.

In the pit, the doctors learn that the trauma is a derailed rollercoaster.  Two people are stuck in one of the rollercoaster carts, and they happen to look just like George and Christina, as Meredith points out.  As they are taking the cart off of the truck it was brought to the hospital in, the very pregnant friend of the George and Christina look alikes comes around the corner. Meredith points out that she looks just like Izzy.

In addition, while I wouldn’t usually point this out, I think that for this special occasion (the 300TH episode of Grey’s) I need to address the title.  As we all know, Shonda, around season three, changed the title sequence from an intricate group of scenes (excuse me while I sing –NOBODY KNOWS WHERE THEY MIGHT END UP– NOBODY KNOWS) to a white screen that just reads ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.  WELL, LET ME JUST TELL YOU, we all know that Shonda likes to play around with this when something big is about to happen (like overlaying some element of foreshadowing over the white background), and Shonda did not disappoint for episode 300.  She overlaid the scenes from the original theme song, YES THE ORIGINAL theme song, over that white background and honestly the nostalgia hit me like a brick.  Let’s just say that it’s true, nobody knows where they might end up.  If you had asked me a few years ago if I would cry over a title sequence, I would have said no, but hey, here we are.  

ANYWAY, back to the good stuff because I’m sure you’re now sick of my little tangent of nostalgia, Avery shows up in the pit and asks Meredith why she is putting on a trauma gown.  She tells him that she is not getting on a plane when there is a trauma in the ER.  In talking with the patients that are stuck in the cart, the doctors of Grey Sloan learn that trio are residents at Seattle Press.  Bailey decides to send all non-emergent cases to the clinic to be treated, and while she was going to send one of the other doctors, she decides to send Ben instead, causing him to miss out on all the action.  

Avery asks Bailey how the competition was coming (the one he gave her the money to start) and she asks him instead if he knew about Ben applying to the Firefighter’s academy.  Avery runs away nervously (because he did, in fact, know that Ben did apply for the academy), and says that they can just talk about the competition later.  

When talking to Jo outside the waiting room, Alex tells her that the friend of the two stuck in the cart is just like Izzy.  The girl then  approaches him to talk about her friends and Alex becomes frazzled because of her similarities to Izzy.  As they are talking, the Izzy look alike faints, and Alex catches her, picking her up and rushing with Jo to get her into a bed for treatment and to see what is wrong.  

Meanwhile, everyone (Avery, Catherine, Maggie, and Zola) is waiting for Meredith so that they can get on a plane and go to Boston.  Avery decides to go and try and pull Meredith from the pit once again.  

Meredith is working on the George and Christina look alikes stuck in the cart. She learns that their names are Greg and Cleo, and as they are working on disassembling the cart, Greg can’t breath.  Mer jumps into action and hops up into the back of the cart, holding Greg’s head steady to support his neck.  He is able to breath again, but only while Meredith is holding his head, which hints to the doctors that he is looking at a spinal injury.  Meredith tells the pair that they look just like George and Christina and this enrages Cleo.  She yells at everyone to stop looking at them because they are not George and Christina.

Alex and Jo learn that the Izzy look alike is a resident at Seattle press, as they wait for Arizona to take a look at her.  Arizona finds a tumor on the baby, and that it probably grew very fast, which is why Izzy look alike wouldn’t have known about it (even though she is a doctor and did everything right when it came to getting ultrasounds and prenatal care.  Arizona tells her that she has a syndrome known as Mirror Syndrome, which is what caused her to pass out.  She is mirroring the effects the tumor is having on the baby.  After hearing the news, she asks Alex to stay with her in surgery.  

Back at the coaster trauma, they finally cut away the front of the cart so that they can try to get Greg out.  Mer can’t move because if she does he won’t be able to breath and will subsequently die.  Jackson jumps up into the cart behind Mer to relieve some of the pressure, telling her to lean back into him.  They then realize that they will probably miss the awards at this rate.  

Meanwhile, Ben, in the clinic, works on sewing the face of a clown.  He asks Sam to go get him some supplies from the lab, but she doesn’t know where it is.  An annoyed Ben tells Deluca to take Sam and show her where it is.

Back at the trauma, they get Greg out of the cart and onto a gurney, and begin putting weights on either side of his head to stabilize him.  Once everything is in place, Mer is able to finally let go of Gregs head, and they rush him to surgery.  Mer jokes that she is unable to feel her arms from holding up his head for so long.  They realize that Cleo has a puncture wound that is bleeding profusely, so Mer jumps back in to put pressure on the wound but Cleo is fading fast.  Avery tells Mer that he will stay and that she should go or else she will miss the awards but Mer refuses to leave.  

Meanwhile, Owen is working on a patient, and Amelia is consulting.  Because she is needed in the pit, she tells Owen to order and complete a CT scan on the patient and Owen takes the patient to surgery.  A little later in the episode, Amelia enters the OR and asks if the CT scan was clear, but she finds out that Owen didn’t actually order one.  Owen starts to explain why he didn’t get one to her, but she leaves the room before he finishes.  

Cleo is being taken into surgery by Mer and April.  April tried to take over so that Mer could catch her plane, but Cleo begs Meredith to do the surgery because she knows Mer is a great surgeon (because of the Harper Avery Award Nomination).  Cleo begs Meredith to save her like she would save the friend she looks like (Christina) and to pretend that Cleo is that her.  Meanwhile, an annoyed Catherine tells Zola to tell her mother that she is a pain in Catherine’s behind.  

Amelia brings a CT machine into Owen’s OR.  He is against it but she persists and while Owen is operating they run a CT Test.  The test shows that the patient has the same problem as Derek did.  Because of the Hematoma, the patient wasn’t able to talk before the surgery, which is why Amelia ordered the CT be completed.  They prep the room so that she can perform surgery on the patient’s brain.

Meanwhile, Greg has internal bleeding.  He is talking to Bailey and Webber, and while he is talking, his rambling sounds exactly like George.  Bailey needs to leave the room because she is crying.  Webber goes to comfort her because he knows how much she loved George (Didn’t we all), but she tells him that they are not george tears, they are marital tears. While they are talking about it, they hear noises coming from the lab they are standing outside of. They both know what is happening and Sam comes out of the lab holding a skull.  She nervously tries to come up with a cover up, then runs away.  Deluca comes out of the lab and Bailey yells at him because there are better things that he should be doing with his time (like y’no, saving some lives).

Ben tried to scrub into surgery with Bailey  but she tells him that he should just go to get Amelia because she needs her to do surgery on Greg.  The scene then cuts to Deluca and Carina talking about his relationship with Sam. In Owen’s surgery, Owen apologizes to Amelia, because he thought it was just Derek getting in her head.  She tells him that he was right, and that Derek was in her head, but it was what saved the patient on the table.  

In Cleo’s surgery, April tells Mer that she should have just gone to Boston because Mer takes her talent for granted.  Mer says that she is not taking her talent for granted and explains that Christina is the only one who understands how badly she wants to be at the Harper Avery Awards, but she is basically looking at her laying on the table right now, so she couldn’t leave.  She has a job to do.  

Arizona, in the Izzy look alike’s surgery, needs to convert over to a C-section in order to save the baby.  Alex goes to get a NicU team ready and needs to leave the Izzy look alike.  She tells Jo to talk to the Izzy look alike to keep her calm but Jo doesn’t know what to say, so Arizona jumps in. Arizona talks about Sophia, and how she is coming home to live with her.  She reminisces about Callie and Mark, and tells the Izzy look alike about how much she hated Mark when she first met him.  She then talks about how even though she hated him when they first met, she still thinks about him every day and misses him (Awww!–side note: this scene made me cry so hard).  She ends her little spiel by telling the Izzy look alike that the baby is out, and hands the baby to Alex.  Alex brings the baby over so that the Izzy look alike can see her baby.  

Meanwhile, while waiting for Mer, Zola and Maggie are bonding. Zola tells Maggie about how she wants to be a surgeon, just like her parents.  Zola wants to be a brain surgeon, just like Derek. She says she misses him and asks if Maggie misses her mom. Maggie says yes and Zola tells her that Mer would say that even though her mom isn’t here, she is always with Maggie (this was such a sweet moment that also made me get choked up like Shonda why??? My heart </3)

In talking about the George look alike, Greg, Webber says that he has long road ahead, but Webber refers to him as O’Malley. Bailey says it’s not O’Malley.  Webber points out that sometimes the interns all blur together, but O’Malley stands out and that it will be good to save him, even if it isn’t actually him.  

Ben asks Bailey if her patient is going to make it, but Bailey is focused on Ben and the situation with the Firefighter’s academy.  She tells Ben she thinks he might have commitment issues. Ben explains to her that he isn’t saying that he doesn’t love surgery, he just wants to try and do something while he’s still young. Before Bailey can comment, Jackson calls and she leaves Ben in the hallway to take the call.

Meanwhile, Jo asks Alex why he doesn’t just call Izzy to see how she is. She tells him it’s okay to call her to find out instead of wondering. He says he doesn’t need to call Izzy because he knows how she is. Alex explains what he pictures for Izzy.  He created a fantasy world for her where she would be happy and he tells Jo that he pictures her smiling. He doesn’t want to call her because he wants it to stay that way. He also tells Jo that wants Izzy to be as happy as he is with her (AWWWW!!!!).  

Bailey and Webber go into Mer’s surgery as she is finishing up. Mer asks how everyone who was involved in the trauma is doing and they inform her that everyone is doing alright. They also bring in a tv so Mer can watch the Harper Avery awards. Catherine gives a speech before awarding the Harper Avery to Mer (YASSS MER!!!!!!!!!).  Because she isn’t there, Avery accepts the award on Mer’s behalf, mentioning how strong Meredith is in his speech.  He talks about Lexie, Derek, and Ellis, and how proud they would have been of Meredith and all of her accomplishments.  He also talks about how she takes all the pain that she experiences in life and turns it into drive in order to make things better (Honestly this speech was so touching and I can’t do it the justice it deserves in this article, but it also made me tear up).  

Sophia comes home and Arizona tells her that she was going to paint her room, but that she wasn’t sure which color Sophia would like so she decided to wait to let her choose.  Sophia tells Arizona that she misses her mom (Callie), but Arizona tells her that she has ice cream and the two go to the kitchen and take it out.  Sophia’s sadness is quickly forgotten once the ice cream comes out.

Mer asks Owen if he see the resemblance to Christina in Cleo.  Owen tells Mer that he doesn’t really see it, so she tells him that she’s going to text Burke to see if he thinks they look alike.  Owen says that there is no one like Christina, which is why he doesn’t see any similarities.  Meanwhile, Bailey takes Ben’s car keys and tells him to take a fire truck home.

At the end of the episode, Mer and Alex go sit down in the tunnels to celebrate her harper Avery Award win. While they are celebrating, Christina calls Mer to celebrate with her. Everything comes full circle, as the episode closes with Mer and Alex, celebrating on the phone with Christina in the same place where they used to sit as interns, worried about their futures as surgeons.  If you ask me, I’d say it was a pretty good way to celebrate the 300th episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

And now, your guide to all the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ relationships that Shonda keeps throwing at us:

Owen and Teddy

Still nothing on this.  I am angry.  That is all I have to say on the matter.

Owen and Carina

Again, I am angry with Owen because Owen is very dumb.  YOU ARE MEANT TO BE WITH TEDDY OWEN STOP THIS NONSENSE.  Hopefully this was just a hook up and nothing more.

Alex and Jo

The only little sliver of happiness I have with this show in the wake of the whole Owen and Carina thing.  Alex and Jo deserve everything and if Shonda tries to take this happiness away from me I won’t know what to do with myself.  That’s all I will say about that.

Deluca and Sam

Deluca and Sam talk a lot about how they’re bad for each other before hooking up again. So I think this is heading somewhere, but honestly I can’t be sure with Shonda.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  

Now that I’ve got you caught up, you’ll be able to watch the next episode without feeling like you missed anything (hopefully).  I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the sixth episode of season 14, as well as my personal comments (my apologies, because I know there were a lot in this one)!  Tune in next week for my recap of season 14 episode 7! Until then!


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