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Episode Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S14E8

I’m Baaaack!  Bet you missed me, and not only am I back, but Grey’s is back as of this past Thursday, so its a win for all of us.  Here we go again with the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap for this week, but for starters, if you haven’t watched any of the episodes so far, you can find my recaps of them below:

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The episode opens with Jo’s husband talking to her and saying that he is glad she is okay.  He introduced her to Jenny, his fiance.  While he is talking, the camera is revolving around Jo.  Her head is clearly spinning, muffling the sound of his voice through the shock of his presence in Grey-Sloan memorial. While Jo is silent in complete shock of the encounter, Arizona comes racing into the picture.  She immediately recognizes Jo’s husband from his research, though she doesn’t know his relationship to Jo or the trauma that he has put her through.  It is clear that Jo is completely afraid of him (for good reason).  Her husband wants to go and talk somewhere in private so that they can sign the divorce papers, but Webber steps in to tell her that Alex is looking for her.  Before Jo can leave, her husband says that can talk later, and that he will find her (which was rather ominous–creeped me out BIG TIME.).

Meanwhile, Mer is still trying to complete the surgery on her patient in the OR.  Glasses is hooked up to the patient because they are unable to get any blood from the blood bank due to the presence of the hackers.  As part of their plan to extort the hospital for ransom in the form of bitcoin, the hackers have hacked into the hospitals thermostat and quite literally….turned up the heat (yes I hate myself for typing such an obvious line but honestly, it was also too good to pass up).  Anyway, the hackers have the thing on 90, and all the employees of Grey-Sloan have no control over the increasing temperature.  Bailey is still trying to get in touch with Avery, but he is on the helicopter transporting the patient with Maggie.  The pair are completely covered in blood, but when they get to the hospital, they assure their patients daughter that he is fine, and that it was only because the tube helping with his blood flow came undone in the helicopter.  They assure her that they are going into surgery immediately and that they are doing everything in their power to save him.  

Jo tries to tell Alex what is happening, but when she does to tell him, they realize that Frankie’s numbers aren’t getting any better.  Jo tries to explain to Alex about what happened with her text not going through and that she tried to tell him not to give Frankie the Heparin, but Alex never got the message and gave it to him.  The have to take him to surgery so that they can save Frankie, and Jo tells Alex that she can talk to him after the surgery.  

Webber pulls intern Sam aside and asks her to stop ranting, as she is scaring patients.  She explains that she hasn’t slept, but Webber doesn’t want to hear it.  He calls DeLuca over and asks him to take Sam somewhere so she can rest and not disturb patients.  DeLuca tried to refuse Webber’s orders, but Webber insists, because “everyone could hear [DeLuca and Sam] through the walls.”  As DeLuca and Sam leave, Jo’s husband jumps in to talk to Webber.  He asks if he can lend a hand anywhere because of the chaos inflicted by the hackers and Webber gives him the go-ahead.  Meanwhile, also in the pit, Owen and April reminisce about their time in Jordan.  April checks in on a patient and tells him to hang in there and she will be right back, turning to handle matters on the board while a colleague brings the man in for tests. The blood banks are all still locked, and in another hospital, Avery and Maggie are operating to save their transported patient.  

Back in Mer’s OR, Glasses won’t stop talking and Mer is yelling at him.  He says that he is dizzy and going to throw up from the blood loss, so Mer tells one of the scrub nurses to get him a bucket.  Glasses stands up because he insists that he can get the bucket himself, but by standing up he causes himself to pass out, collapsing fist on the open patient, before hitting the ground.  

Bailey is panicking because they are still unable to get into the blood banks, but during her panic, she realizes that another staff member has computer background (remembering his application I assume).  She sends him to go and help the FBI in figuring out who the hacker is so that she can regain control of her hospital.  Another doctor informs Webber that Grey needs a new assistant in the OR because her assistant passed out, and Webber immediately guesses that she was working with Glasses.  

Meanwhile, at the other hospital, Maggie talks about how she had a tough high school experience, and follows it up by saying “I mean, who hasn’t?”  But, not realizing her audience, she quickly realizes that Jackson probably didn’t have a bad childhood at all.  And, she was right.  

Back at Grey-Sloan, DeLuca and Sam are arguing because she doesn’t want to sleep with him anymore.  She tells him that it’s because it’s getting in her head, and DeLuca looks a little hurt by her words. DeLuca tells her to avoid patients until she sleeps before walking away.  

Down in the OR lobby, Alex is getting ready to go into surgery when Jo’s husband appears in scrubs.  Alex asks him why he is there, but before he can really answer, Alex is forced to run off to Frankie’s surgery in order to save him because he has a bleed.  Alex sends his intern to go find Jo and bring her to the OR.  He specifically instructs the intern not to leave Jo’s side, because he doesn’t want her to be alone with her husband in the hospital.  

In another part of the hospital, Jo is telling Webber that he shouldn’t trust her husband, because he doesn’t know him as she runs off to get away from the hospital and her husband.  Her husband, on the other hand, enters the OR to assist Mer after Glasses passed out.  She almost lost her without an assistant, so she is happy for the hands, but she recognizes his name, and she knows exactly who he is.  Jo’s husband congratulates her on her Harper Avery Award, thinking that that is the reason she suddenly becomes cold to him and recognizes his name, but she tells him otherwise.  She tells him that she knows Jo and that Jo has told her everything that happened between the two of them.  While Mer defends Jo in the OR, Alex and Amelia are working tirelessly to save Frankie.  

Back in the other Hospital, Maggie and Avery have finally stabilized their patient, and they inform his daughter.  Their highest priority is finding the closest shower, and they joke about their joy of saving the man’s life is overshadowed by their need for a shower (to get his blood off them).  

Back in Mer’s OR, Jo’s husband is telling her not to believe Jo because she is unstable and that she needed professional help.  He tells Meredith that Jo left him and is making up stories about abuse.  He claims that he cares about her, and that if she is happy, then he is happy.  While they are having this conversation, Jo is in the observation deck listening.  Alex’s intern finds her there, and tells her that Alex is looking for her.  She is having a panic attack, but she knows she can’t leave yet.  She sends Alex a text message to let him know that she is okay.  

Arizona is swiping through Tinder while she is waiting in the line to give blood to help with the shortage.  Carina finds her way over to Arizona and updates her on the patient they had been helping.  She asks Arizona about her dating life.  Bailey tells the computer expert to do what he has to do to, and while Arizona and Carina are talking, he breaks into the blood bank in the background.  He does so by shocking it with a defibrillator.  

Meredith and Alex are talking about how she just had to operate with Jo’s husband.  While they are talking, Jo comes around the corner crying, saying that he lies and not to believe anything he told Mer.  Mer walks over to Jo and comforts her, telling her that she knows that she is Jo Wilson and that she believes what she said about her husband.  

Owen and April are still in the pit, and April feels like she is forgetting something.  Owen insists that they aren’t, it is just the after effect of the chaos.  As he is talking, April remembers what it is that she is forgetting and runs off with Owen close behind her.  The patient that she told to hang in there earlier is in the hallway and is unable to breathe.  He has blood in his trach, so Owen and April need to work fast in order to put in a breathing tube.  Owen is unable to see, so April shines a flashlight through the hole where the trach used to be, and they are able to intubate.  

Mer, Alex, and Jo are sitting and talking about what do next, after finally dismissing the two interns who weren’t allowed to leave Jo’s side.  Now that Frankie is fine, they are able to focus on the problem Jo is facing.  Mer asks Jo what she wants to do, and Jo tells her that she wants to be divorced so she can just move on with her life.  Alex says he will go with her, but Mer won’t let him near Jo’s husband.  He insists that she can’t be alone with him, but Mer informs him that she will stay with Jo and won’t let anything happen.  

Bailey is talking to the computer genius doctor, and she wants to know what else he can do to help her get her hospital back after what he did with the blood banks.  Jackson and Maggie are still at the other hospital and they are finally able to shower.  Unfortunately (maybe?  Maybe not, I’ll let you be the judge of that), when they get out of the shower, they can not put their scrubs back on (because they are covered in blood).  They need to wait for someone to bring them new scrubs to change into, so they are both forced to sit and wait in towels (although we get to enjoy seeing Avery without a shirt on so I mean, I think it’s a win for us at least).   The air is a little tense to say the least between these two, but then again, it has been for a while.  

Back at Grey-Sloan, Mer and Jo are in the conference room when Jo’s husband arrives.  He asks Mer to leave, but she refuses and watches him sign the divorce papers.  Jo takes them and signs them, before handing them to Mer.  Her EX-husband (that sounds so good to say wow I’m sorry for making y’all wait that long) tries to take them, but Mer informs him that it will be quicker this way.  SHe opens the door to the conference room and he exits, but not before Jo gets one final jab in, telling him he doesn’t deserve anything good and that he is a monster. He then leaves with his fiance.  Mer is relieve that it is over, but Jo says that it isn’t.  She tells Mer that she needs Robins now.

Computer genius and Bailey plan what they are going to do next in order to save the hospital.   She tells him to go tell the feds and help them, but he informs her that he can’t go to the feds because he was convicted of hacking computers. Bailey says it’s was not on his application to work at the hospital, and he says that the records are sealed so she wouldn’t have known anyway. He tells her that if he helps her she will become an accomplice, but she wants his help anyway in order to save her patients and the hospital. Bailey has him write down what to say to the feds, so that she can bring it to their attention.

As he and his fiance are leaving the building, Robins cuts them off.  She tells him he can’t leave because she needs help.  It’s pretty clear she is doing whatever she can to get him away from his fiance, especially when she tells him that she needs “man power.” He says that he can help her for 10 minutes and tells his fiancé to wait in the lobby.   As soon as her ex is gone, Jo pops up to talk to his fiance. Jo talks to her, but she thinks Jo is crazy.  Jo needs her to listen, because she knows the kind of pain he is capable of inflicting. She tells his fiance about the dinner party where he first hit her, and that he did it over and over again.  She told his fiance, Jenny, that she believed everything when they were together and how she woke up with broken ribs.

Meanwhile, Arizona tried to distract Jo’s ex husband, but he leaves so Arizona is forced to  text Jo and warn her. Jo knows that time is tight, so she offers to help Jenny get out.  Jenny tells Jo to leave because she shouldn’t be there when Jo’s ex gets back. Jo gives her her cellphone number to call and promised that if she did Jo would help get her out.  She is gone by the time her ex gets back, and when he arrives, the pair leave the hospital. Arizona, Mer, and Jo (the literal meaning of #squadgoals) look on hopeful, as they leave, but it is clear by their expressions that they are all still scared.  

Bailey tells the FBI agents what she thinks they should be doing based on the information written for her by computer genius. She leaves and tells computer genius what they have, so that she can go back in with more information on what she thinks they should do.  Computer genius recommends that they hack him back in order to gain control of the hospital again (mind you, they might have the blood banks but they’re in the same spot they were in before with the heat.).  The head FBI agent says they can’t do that because they will never find him if they do.  Bailey needs to save her patients, so she wants to know if the FBI is going to help her do that or if they were more concerned about catching the hacker. She storms out and gives computer genius her laptop to hack the hacker back.  He is panicked at first, but because it is Bailey’s laptop, no one will ever know that he touched it.

Still sitting in towels, Maggie and Jackson are talking about Boston and she wants to know where he learned to work considering he had such a good life (Rich).  The entire situation is definitely awkward, but it might be a good step forward for their relationship?  Especially after Avery says, “Thank god we’re from different families.” He then has to follow it up by pointing out that they are not related and that they can be whatever they want to be.  Right as they were about to have this massive relationship breakthrough, the scrubs how up and they can change into them and out of the towels.

Jo and Mer are in the residents’ lounge, and she tells Mer that she doesn’t have to stay with her. Mer knows, but she also doesn’t thin that Jo should be alone just yet.  It’s a good thing that she did though, because as Jo is going to leave, her ex shows up at the door.  He informs Jo that they had a talk,  and that she told him everything. Jo said it was all her, and that his fiance didn’t have anything to do with it.  Mer tells him to walk away, but he starts to yell at Jo, who is clearly scared. He raises a hand and she backs away.  Mer calls security, which seems to pull him back to reality.  He threatens jo with keeping her phone number in case he ever needed to find her before leaving.  After he is gone, Mer tried to comfort Jo. The phones aren’t working still, but Mer knew that Jo’s ex didn’t know that. She couldn’t actually call security, but she pretended to help Jo (the fact that they are such good friends is a blessing and honestly the fact that Mer genuinely cares this much for Jo is amazing. I am so happy for them.).

Bailey is waiting for computer genius to hack the hacker when the  lights turn off. She starts to panic, but the computer genius says that he turned the lights off to make sure that he was able to get into the hackers system.  Once he knew that, he was able to successfully bring everything back. The air conditioning comes back on and Bailey couldn’t be happier.  He tells her he hacked the DMV because his old license said he was female, and he is a proud trans man.  Because the DMV wouldn’t change it on his license, he hacked them and changed it himself.

Glasses, who has finally begun to recover since his collapse at the beginning of the episode, goes to see their patient. He starts to apologize for what happened in surgery, but she wants to know why he is apologizing.  She tells him that he is her hero and that he saved her life, which is true.  Without him she would have died from blood loss.  

Alex goes to check on Frankie and Frankie asks Alex to marry his mom, even though he didn’t die.  Alex laughs about it, and so does Frankie’s mom, but we all know that Alex only loves one person, and that is Jo.  When Mer and Jo find him though, he is mad.  He tells Jo that she is safe, but she tells him that she wishes she were dead.  Mer assures Jo that they can get a restraining order against her ex husband so that he can’t hurt her.

Amelia asks Deluca to join her now that Stephanie is gone because she sees a lot of promise in him.  He happily agrees to studying under Amelia, and after he does, she asks him to find the intern who wrote one of the papers she read.  Sam, who is working on paperwork on the other side of the desk perks up and chimes in, because it is her paper.  Amelia asks her to join their team as well because she was so impressed by the paper she wrote.

Finally arriving back at Grey-Sloan, Bailey tells Jackson and Maggie that the situation is all set and taken care of.  She also makes sure to point out that they need to change because they are not in the correct color scrubs.  

Webber tells April that he is proud of her, and that what she did to save the trach patient was impressive.  We all know that Webber does not want to run the contest, so, Webber being sneaky as always, tells April that he doesn’t think he can handle it doing all the work.  April offers to help him with it, but he assures her that he is better off not running it at all.  April being the over-achiever that she is, immediately offers to run the contest for him, and Webber walks away satisfied (knowing he can now participate in said contest).  

Maggie approaches Jackson at the nurses station, and complains about how she can still feel the blood on her face.  After saying that, she panics wondering if she really does have blood on her face because Jackson is staring at her.  Jackson then asks her to go get a drink with him, and Maggie lists all the factors that would complicate a relationship between them (Maggie come on why are you trying to ruin this?).  Jackson tells her that if things were bad, they could walk away, and that it was just a drink, but Maggie tells him that it is much more than just a drink.  Just when things couldn’t get more awkward, Maggie’s Tinder date shows up at the hospital and butts into their conversation (NOT NOW CLIVE!).  Instead of getting a drink with Jackson, she goes out to dinner with Clive and leaves Avery at the nurses station.  

Just when we thought that Shonda was going to leave us without a twist, the scene cuts to Alex and Jo staring into the window of one of the trauma rooms in the pit.  You can hear that it is a hit and run accident, and on the gurney is Jo’s ex.  And just when you thought we were going to learn more information, the shows voice over ends, as does the either episode of season 14.

And now, your guide to all the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ relationships that Shonda keeps throwing at us:

Jackson and Maggie

Why can’t these two just get together already? I mean seriously?  Must everything get in the way?

Alex and Jo

As you all know by now this is my favorite couple in Grey’s history, and they are stronger than ever (I hope).  From what I can tell, the whole drama with Jo’s ex husband has only proven to Jo how right Alex is for her.  Let’s just hope it stays that way.

DeLuca and Sam

I’m not even really sure about this one.  I’m fairly positive DeLuca still has some type of feelings for her, but I’m not sure how she feels about him.  But now that they are both working with Amelia, something tells me we are about to find out.

Now that I’ve got you caught up, you’ll be able to watch the next episode without feeling like you missed anything (hopefully).  I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the eighth episode of season 14, as well as my personal comments!  Tune in next week for my recap of season 14 episode 9! Until then!


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