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Episode Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S14E7


Alright, here we go again with the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap for this week, but for starters, if you haven’t watched any of the episodes so far, you can find my recaps of them below:

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This week is also a PRETTY important episode because it is the Winter Finale!  ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ will return back to Thursday nights on January 18th!  Now, lets jump on into this week’s episode:

The episode opens with Ben working out training for the firefighter academy.  Meanwhile, Mer is doing an interview because she won the Harper Avery award. The interviewer asks if she’s looking to win two Harper Avery’s like her mother did, and Mer replies that she wants to win more awards than her mother did because it would make her mother mad. She also says the interview is the hardest part of winning the Harper Avery because she is annoyed by it and just wants to be in surgery.

Jo is chief resident and she practices in the mirror because she wants to sound like Bailey.  She practices her speech in front of Alex, and worries if it is good.  Alex just laughs at her because she doesn’t sound like Bailey and even though she is trying to be tough, she doesn’t.  

Deluca and Sam are hooking up again, and Owen and Carina in the elevator with Arizona. April is annoyed because it’s awkward for all of them to be in the elevator together because of how Carina left Arizona.

Bailey asks Webber to run the contest (with Avery’s money) because she doesn’t want to deal with it and wants Webber to run it because he is an institution. They both don’t want to run it because they want to compete in it. Webber says he will do it if she tells him who the “anonymous” donor was.  Meanwhile, Jo walks by while giving her speech again and Webber says Jo needs to work on it.

Maggie agrees to a Tinder date and Mer complains how she doesn’t have time for surgery.  They are waiting for Jo to assign them interns, and Mer decides to take Glasses (yes, he was hired by Grey Sloan even after dropping his glasses into a body cavity) as her intern.

Cut to a series of patient consultations, while the attendings are doing rounds.  Avery’s intern tells a patient he should have come in sooner and they have to do an echo.  The patient has a woman in the room with him and they  have an awkward conversation about whether or not she should stay with him during the procedure.  The relationship between the pair is unclear.  Mer’s trying to figure out why her patient has an inflamed organ. The intern (Glasses) doesn’t get any of the jokes and Mer is annoyed with him. She says that she chose him because he was the only one who didn’t try to suck up to her. She tells him they are not friends before taking the chart he is holding and leaving.

Jo and Alex are working on a kid (not surprisingly). While presenting on him, Alex tells the intern to wait for the kids parent to come back.  The kid tells Alex that she was there, she was just in the bathroom putting on make-up because she has a crush on Alex (I mean…don’t we all?). The mother finally comes back and they can present on the child’s case

Maggie and Avery want to know what the deal is between their patient and his daughter (clarified). The monitors begin to go off and they realize that he isn’t breathing so Avery needs to intubate him.  

April talks with Owen and he says with Carina it’s just fun.  They are in the pit, and one of the monitors starts to go off.  They rush to get a crash cart for the patient when they realize that suddenly all the monitors are going off (THEY’RE ALL BROKEN??).  Sam, the intern, shocks a guy who was sleeping not coding because of the monitors. Sam then tries to calm everyone down but messes it up, so Owen jumps in.  He tries to find out what is happening because all of their monitors are not working and they have incoming traumas.

Mer’s patient is nervous before her surgery, and while they are talking with her one of the monitors turn off so they take it out and bring in a new one.  Mer is confident and beings the procedure.  Meanwhile, Alex’s patient has headaches, but they can’t open his chart to find out what medication he is on.  In another area of the hospital, Bailey also can’t get into the records.  Arizona talks about how she keeps getting paged by OB, but she can’t handle all those cases.  She asks Bailey if she can grant Carina privileges to practice medicine in the hospital because they need more staff and Bailey agrees.

After Arizona leaves to find Carina, the computer boots Bailey out completely.  The screen turns black and they find out that the network computers have all been hacked. Bailey is now trying to get records back because they can’t order any meds, nor can they monitor patients with the monitors they have. Bailey says they’re not going to panic because they don’t want to panic the patients, instead, they are going to solve the problem quietly and efficiently. The FBI show up and tell everyone to get away from the computers.  They also tell everyone to turn off their phones and they want to talk to Bailey about what is happening. Bailey takes the FBI agents to a conference room.  She tells them to work fast because patients are in need of medication and medical attention.

The hospital moves back over to paper charts in order to combat the lack of technology. The doctors are monitoring all the patients now by taking vitals and running tests by hand. Owen takes his patient for a head CT, but the CT machine is backed up because there was only one machine that wasn’t put onto the network yet.

Avery and Maggie tell the daughter of their patient that they are putting her father on ecmo but she has to sign the consent. She just met her father so she says that she can’t really sign off on the procedure and she doesn’t want him to die. She thinks she’s weird for talking to two strangers about a man she just met who she doesn’t want to die. They tell her to sign the consent so that they can help him.  She ends up signing the consent so Maggie and Avery can work.

They go and tell Mer that all the computers are down, and she is in the middle of surgery. Sam is panicking and Mer tells her to stop. Though she doesn’t appear to be, Mer is scared because she is just using a camera and wonders if she should move to the open procedure in case the camera that is guiding her goes out as well.   

Arizona finally finds Carina and tells her that  she has privileges to work in the hospital. Carina agrees to help. Carina takes her patient to give birth (scaring her slightly by yelling that she is her first patient–to which she needs to clarify only in this hospital).

Owen still can’t get to the CT and starts to ask people if he can go in front of the because his guy needs this CT.  Alex won’t budge in line because his patient is a kid and needs a CT too.  There is still a long line and the other CT machines are still not back online.   

Meanwhile, Bailey wants to know how to stop the hackers. They find out that in Denver they payed them (rumored and unconfirmed). Webber says they only want $5,000 and that he will just write them a check for it if it means saving patients.  One of the IT men keep correcting him that the hackers are actually asking for $5,000 bitcoin, which is an entirely different (and significantly higher number).  Webber and Bailey think that it is because they announced the contest and that the hackers think that Grey Sloan actually has that money. She asks Avery for the money because that’s what she believes they have to do to stop the hackers.  Avery says he will loan them the money. The fbi says it’s not that easy and Bailey says that there is no price on a human life. FBI said if the hackers win here (Grey Sloan) that Bailey is endangering thousands of lives and Avery says on Bailey’s word he will transfer the funds no matter what the FBI says. The FBI asks for time for work in order to figure out what is happening.

Avery tells Maggie that anyone who is dependent on a machine should be transferred. And they talk about having to transfer their shared patient.  The patient who is giving birth won’t listen to Carina and her method of expediting the process, so she paged Arizona to calm her patient down.  Arizona refuses to help but after a talk with Carina she agrees.

April can’t see any free fluid and they plan to take her patient to CT.  She’s informed that it will take an hour to get into the CT at least, but she doesn’t have that long because the patient is emergent. Webber needs a newspaper to help April, so they race to find one. Webber pulls out his old time tricks and shows the interns helping April what to do without a CT machine.

Alex and Jo say they are watching their patient closely because they are trying to figure out why he has such bad headaches and what medication he is on.  They need to ask the nurse that was on duty, but they can’t figure out who it was.  Eventually, the patient says he was watching a TV show and because of the time the TV show was on (6:00 am) they were able to conclude that Karen was on duty.  They need to know the meds that he was on so they can treat him properly, as the wrong drugs could kill him.  Jo runs to find Karen and see what drug he was on.

Meanwhile, Webber continues to pull out all his old, pre-modern technology tricks to impress all the new doctors.  He tells Deluca to turn his patient upside down to help him because pills don’t work.  It is pretty evident that Webber is in his glory, getting to treat patients and having people come to him for advice.

Mer needs to break out the headlamps because all the lights go out, but they are unable to do so because no one can see anything.  She tells glasses not to panic and the lights come back on.  She needs to convert to an open procedure and begins to open the patient.  She needs blood, so Mer asks someone to go and glasses takes off.  She yells at him because he wasn’t supposed to volunteer because he is supposed to help her but he has already broken the sterile field so she sends him to go to the blood bank.

A helicopter lands on the helipad because Avery and Maggie are moving their patient.  They tell his daughter it’s more dangerous if they don’t move him before the two get in the elevator. They talk about how they all just met their dads and how it was weird. Maggie says they come from very different families, and Avery says “Yeah, thank god.”

Meanwhile, Glasses can’t get into the blood bank because the lock on the door is an electronic key pad. Jo is running to find out the meds she finds out that Karen didn’t give him the meds, Taylor did, so Jo goes on the hunt for him to ask.  Alex’s patient is now throwing up because of the headache. He feels like he is going to die and he asks Alex if he dies, if Alex can marry his mom because she loves Alex and he knows his mom will be safe with him.  

Carina’s patient is trying to leave because she is not ready to have a baby and she is scared.  Arizona jumps in and gives her a classic Arizona pep talk about how much she is going to love the baby once she has it. The baby is coming in the middle of the hallway and Carina delivers it successfully.  Afterwards, Carina thinks she screwed up, but Arizona reassured her and tells her they make a good team. Carina says she misses her. Arizona asks about Owen and Carina tells her that Owen keeps saying that they are, “Just for fun and not a thing.”

Amelia tells Alex that he knows what has to be done.  They don’t know if the patient has gotten the correct meds and Jo still hasn’t returned.  If they don’t act now the patient is going to die and Alex knows what he has to do.

Mer needs blood in the operating room and when glasses returns, she thinks that she will finally get some. Glasses tells her that all of the blood banks were locked. He tells her she’s got this and Mer tells him she can’t because she needs blood in order to save the woman.  If she had known that she couldn’t get blood she would have never opened up the patient.  Amidst her panic, Mer comes has an epiphany.  She asks for O neg blood from members in the staff, to see if anyone is a match.  She doesn’t have O neg, so she can’t do it, but someone in the room had to have O neg.  Glasses admits to having O neg blood. Mer uses Glasses’ blood to transfuse her patient and save her. Meanwhile, Jo finds out the meds her patient needs but Alex is already working to give him medication–although they don’t specify what medication he is giving the patient, we are left to assume that it is Heparin, which is the medication that will kill his patient according to what Jo just learned.

Avery and Maggie are in the helicopter with their patient and they talk about how they both went to the same club (Maggie worked there) and Avery grabs her hand.  Just as they are going to finally address the elephant in the room (their sexual tension), the patients ecmo disconnects and sprays blood all over them (how romantic *Rolls Eyes*).

Bailey needs the chaos to stop and wants to just pay the money because the FBI  haven’t come up with any information and patients need medical attention.  Bailey gives Avery the word to save patients but his phone is ringing on the floor of the helicopter while he and Maggie are trying to save their patient from bleeding out.

Just when we think the worst of the situation is coming to an end because it’s the very end of the episode (obviously, it’s going to be a cliffhanger because Shonda can’t let us be happy for a month), guess who shows up?? Jos HUSBAND SHOWS UP (NOOOO WHYYYY) right as the episode ends.

And now, your guide to all the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ relationships that Shonda keeps throwing at us:

Avery and Maggie

Eventually they will talk about it without something interrupting them…….Right???

Owen and Carina

Why. Just. Why.

Alex and Jo

He husband showed up so I think that’s going to rock the happiness boat a little bit.  His arrival was jarring, but expected after what happened this season.  I swear Alex and Jo better make it out of this because they are honestly the only couple I am rooting for at the moment because Owen is still ignoring Teddy with Carina and Jackson and Maggie are still unable to address the elephant in the room without being sprayed with blood SO…we will see, though they better make it out of this.

Deluca and Sam

Still hooking up, but still not happy about it. Time will tell where this one leads–right now it is still a minor plot point.

Now that I’ve got you caught up, you’ll be able to watch the next episode without feeling like you missed anything (hopefully).  I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the seventh episode of season 14, as well as my personal comments!  Tune in NEXT YEAR (haha get it) for my recap of season 14 episode 8! I’ll see you again on January 18th!! Until then!


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