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Episode Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S14E12

Alright, here we go again with the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap for this week, but for starters, if you haven’t watched any of the episodes so far, you can find my recaps of them below:

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The episode starts with Alex and Amelia are playing with lasers to shrink tumors before jumping over Mer’s house (for what feels like the first time in ages).  Maggie is talking with Zola (side note: ALL OF MER’s KIDS ARE IN THIS SCENE AND THEY ARE ALL SO GROWN UP WOW) and they are trying to decide how much money she needs to allocate to supplies while Mer is trying to get the patent for her study. Amelia is just trying to figure out how to save Kimmy without any funding whatsoever.  Back at the hospital, Alex and Jo are talking about how he can’t give up on finding a solution, but that he thinks Kimmy is giving up. Avery is bringing Harriet to daycare at the hospital, and April meets him at the door. She is hooked up to a banana bag because she is hung over from partying all night (part of the “new” April after she literally lost all faith after the death of Matt’s wife.  

Bailey has decided that she should start working exercise into her schedule so she is taking the train to work instead of driving.  In typical Bailey style, she isn’t skipping a beat jumping back into the game. Maggie clears her to return to surgery, and Richard is angry because he thinks he has to follow Bailey around so he can make sure that she is safe.  

Mer briefs her intern (Helm) and Jo about the patent situation, and they are expecting a call from the doctor who currently holds the patent.  Mer makes it clear that under no circumstances, are any of them allowed to menton the patent to Kepner. They are pulled into an incoming trauma.  Warren is in the first ambulance with his patient. Owen takes him, leaving Kepner and Mer to take the patient in the second ambulance. Herrera, the female lead in the new Grey’s spinoff, Station 19, has her hand inside the patient. When Glasses tells her to move it, but she tells him that he is just a kid and she is not taking orders from a kid. Mer and April run over and scream not to move her hand, so Herrera looks at Glasses and tells him this is why she needs adults. They determine that she is holding the abdominal aorta, and that if she lets go at all, the kid will bleed out in seconds.  They begin to move their patient out of the ambulance really slowly, so that Herrera’s hand doesn’t slip. As they are moving him, Helm’s phone rings, and when she answers it, it is the doctor with the patent calling to speak with Mer. Mer tells her that she can’t take the call right now (especially because she is currently working with Kepner). Mer tells Helm to deal with the call, and turns back to help get her patient out of the ambulance.  They successfully get him out and into the hospital. Meanwhile, Amelia reveals that Tom has come back to help her and Alex figure out how to get rid of Kimmy’s tumor. He makes fun of Alex for being a cheerleader on their surgery (because he is a peds surgeon), but they ultimately jump right into their work to try and figure out how to melt the tumor with the laser.

Back in the ER, Owen is treating a head lack on his patient, Tyler, who was trying to teach his brother chemistry when the accident happened. He’s scared he hurt his brother, and he is  in a lot of pain. Ben is hovering over the patient, so Owen tells him to leave because he technically has finished his part of the job and it is time for the doctors to take over. Ben reluctantly leaves and goes to check on Tyler’s brother, Zack. Mer is still transferring Zack (slowly) and Herrera asks about the phone call for a distraction.  Mer tells her about the project she is researching and how they need the patent. Ben shows up, to check on Zack, but Herrera tells him to get back to the station because he isn’t needed in the hospital anymore.

Sam and DeLuca have a weird thing happening still and the vibes are really weird because neither of them know how to act around each other, but they are both working with Amelia on Kimmy’s case. Amaila is questioning Sam and Tom starts making fun of her, but she didn’t realize it right away. Tom tells Amelia that her hair grew back nicely, and Alex gets annoyed because they need to focus on the case (which Tom still doesn’t know is urgent because he doesn’t know about Kimmy).  While setting up the laser to demonstrate what is happening to Tom, Sam almost catches on fire from the laser.

Owen and his intern are transporting Zack to get scans, so they can see where the foreign object entered in his leg (so they know what they are going to have to fix in surgery).  Owen tells his intern to call him when the scans come up, but as soon as he leaves, his patient wakes up and pulls the foreign object out of his leg. He is bleeding out, quickly, and the intern yells for Owent to come back.   While yelling, the intern uses her hijab as a tunicate, and Owen comes back running back to see what happened (Which, I think he would have been out of earshot by then but apparently he was still nearby). They skip the scans and rush Zack to the OR.  

Arizona is talking to Avery, and tells him to back off April and to be happy for her while she is trying to find her happy without him.  She tells Avery that she knows he is concerned about April, but that April is just trying to find a way to be happy without Jackson in her life.  She is trying to find a way to cope, and doesn’t need Jackson butting in on her life. He just needs to be happy for her trying to be happy and stay out of it.  

Alex bugs Amelia about calling Tom.  He claims that Tom is just a booty call and they they don’t need him. When Maggie tries to chime in, Alex and Amelia make fun of her for how much she “likes” Clive.  She tells them that she’s not ashamed, before walking away and leaving them to talk about how they need Tom’s help, but that he is not allowed to know about or meet Kimmy.  Meanwhile, Bailey and Hunt are scrubbing in on Zack when Webber shows up. Webber says that they might need extra help in surgery, and before Bailey and Owen can refute it, Tyler starts crashing.  They rush into the OR to try to save him.

Mer needs to move fast because the pressure is letting go. She gets in to clamp the aorta but she can’t get it from the angle she is at. Mer tells Herrera to take the clamp, and where to place it, but Herrera tells mer that she can’t, especially with her non dominant hand. Mer tells her that she can do it, and that she doesn’t have a choice.  She walks Herrera through where to place the clamp. Herrera asks what will happen if she misses and Mer says she would prefer it if Herrera didn’t miss. Herrera clamps the aorta, but when Mer tells her to take her hand out, she refuses. She doesn’t want him to dies and Herrera is unsure if she clamped it correctly. Mer tells her to trust her. She lets go and April and Mer jump in quickly to take over while a scrub nurse pulls Herrera away from the table.

Amelia says she won’t do the work for Sam, and Tom continues to poke fun at the intern by flirting with her and talking about her in a flirtatious way.  DeLuca (clearly annoyed by Tom’s flirting with Sam, tells him that they have to get back to work. Tom wants to know what the rush is, and Deluca lets it slip that Kimmy was the rush and shows Tom her tumor.  Because DeLuca told Tom about Kimmy, Tom goes to see her, even though he wasn’t supposed to know (although Alex and Amelia hadn’t communicated that to DeLuca). When Alex and Amelia get back, they ask where he is and DeLuca tells them that he went to go see kimmy, and as their faces dropped, he realized that he wasn’t supposed to say anything to Tom about Kimmy.  They rush to her room, and find that Tom is already talking with her. When they enter, her mother says that Tom makes her happy because they are talking about broadway shows (also, another side note: They talked about Hamilton, which if you don’t know is one of my favorite shows–clearly, so this was an added bonus for me as well). When they leave the room, Tom says she only has a few months left to live, and that he doesn’t think the timeline is realistic so they should work on it for the next kid rather than for Kimmy.  

Richard tries to get Bailey out of the OR to go update the family on their patient, but she refuses. She tells him that she doesn’t need help from him and that she just wants him to harvest the grafts. She tells him that she is returning with full strength and that he doesn’t need to worry about her. Ben is standing in the scrub room looking into the OR and talks to Bailey but she tells him to get out because he doesn’t want to work there anymore and works at the station. She tells him she is back and to stop talking about her vacation. Richard tells Ben he’s got it covered, and that he doesn’t need to watch Bailey; Ben leaves. Owen says that their patient will need a colostomy bag, but Bailey isn’t letting the kid go with a bag especially not on her first surgery back.

Out in the hallway, Ben runs into Herrera and she tells him about what she did in the OR. She says it’s hard to have a front row seat and then being kicked out. He tells her to come with him and he brings her to the gallery, so that she can still see the surgery.

Someone needs to go notify the family, and Webber tries to send Bailey’s intern, but Bailey jumps in and says that  her intern can’t go because she has never updated a patient’s family before. She gets annoyed with Webber, and instead of hiding it, she tells everyone she had a heart attack. She then proceeds to  tell everyone why Webber is babysitting her (because he doesn’t think she is strong enough) but that she is back and strong enough to complete the surgery without Webber. She tells him that she is ready to do her job before telling all the doctors in the room to do their jobs. She tells Richard to leave, so he does.

In the cafeteria, Maggie is telling Arizona about Clive and Avery walks up behind them. Avery asks if Clive is still around and when maggie confirms that he is, Avery says he has a date (who, in my opinion, he definitely made up so it’s pretty funny that he is caught between April and maggie the way he is).  Maggie leaves to go to the vending machine instead of waiting in line, and the interns a few people up are talking about April. Jackson is uncomfortable, but Arizona tells him to just be happy for April. After a few seconds, Avery can’t take it anymore and jumps in. He makes the intern go drain a groin abscess because he is annoyed with the way the intern (specifically the one that April is sleeping with) is talking about April.  He justifies it to Arizona by telling her that he couldn’t stand by because she is the mother of his child (I think it’s pretty obvious he is just really jealous).

Richard goes to Mer’s ER to get an update on her patient (Bailey and Owen’s patient’s brother) before going to update their mother. He has Bailey’s intern with him, and as they are talking to the mother, she starts rambling about how her children are just that: children.  She bursts into tears because she wasn’t there to keep them safe because she was trying to provide for them (by working).

Up in the gallery, Herrera tells ben that she is amazed that he used to be a surgeon and that he gave it up to work as a firefighter. He explains that he wanted to do more before telling her about the clipboard incident. He told her that he did what he had to do to save a life, but that he would still get in trouble and now he gets to do whatever it takes to save the life and that’s a good thing. She asks to listen to what’s going on in the OR so Ben turns on the intercom.

Alex tells Jo he hates Tom. She asks if something happened and Alex looks real sad. Amelia enters the lab and finds Tom packing his bag.  Tom is dropping out because he doesn’t want to work on an unrealistic deadline. Amelia says they don’t get to give up. He tells her to grow up and that Kimmy is going to die so naturally, Amelia starts yelling at him, but as she is yelling, it triggers a breakthrough. They come to the conclusion that instead of using just one beam, they should use multiple beams at shorter intervals so that they don’t injure the brain.

Bailey tells Owen to wait for the bowel to pink up and while they are waiting, he asks about her heart attack. She said it was scary, but that she is back now.  She injects a dye into Tyler to see the blood flow, and everything checks out, so he doesn’t need a colostomy bag. His pressure is dropping because he’s allergic to the dye they used. In Mer’s OR, the phone rings, but she is still unable to take the call because she is working with April.  Herrera jumps in and offers to take the call for her and claims that the call is actually for her. Helm brings her the phone and Herrera starts speaking in spanish to help Mer get the patent (if you recall, Mer explained the situation to Herrera earlier that day while transporting the patient). Richard tells Ben and Herrera to get out because they aren’t supposed to be in the gallery, so they leave, and Herrera takes the phone with her because she is still talking to the doctor in Madrid.  .

The boys’ mother is in the waiting room and Mer goes to update her about Zack. She tells her that he is in recovery. And the mother is relieved, but quickly starts asking about Tyler.  Mer says that she isn’t sure about Tyler, but that she can find out. As she is saying it though, Bailey comes out to update her on Tyler. He made it too and is in recovery (Yay! Happy!). Meanwhile, Tom and Amelia try multiple lasers (three) and it burns the tumor, however, it broke the beaker still, but it took longer to do so, so it’s a definite starting point.

In the hallway, Mer runs into Herrera, who gives Mer Helm’s phone.  She tells Mer that the doctor in Madrid was going to be in the U.S. next week and has agreed to hear Mer’s pitch about the patent. Mer is extremely happy because she has a shout at getting the patent to start working on her research.

Bailey goes back to her office and Ben is there. He starts talking about how he wanted to be a firefighter and was pushing for it, but that he didn’t stop to think about what he was giving up.  Bailey tells him that he did stop to think, he just didn’t stop to feel it. She tells him to sit there and feel it and then to get up and to go do what he does. She sits down with him, and when he asks her why she is sitting with him, she tells him that she is going to stop to feel her day too (admittedly, it’s kind of a cute moment between the two, unfortunately, I still dislike Ben and that probably isn’t going to ever change at this point).

Avery talks to April about how some of the interns call her “the party” and asks her to go out to coffee so they can talk. She says she has plans and that he shouldn’t be worried about her because he is Harriet’s Dad and not hers.

In the ER, Owen talks to his intern and gives her her hijab back (as he figured she would want it back). He tells her that she did a great job, but she says that she wasn’t sure if she could have handled it if he hadn’t come back to help her.  He tells her that that she could have handled it (and I think Owen and I are on the same page that this intern shows a lot of promise in the trauma field because of her quick thinking).

Ben and Herrera leave the hospital to go back to the station (Side note: If you would like to stay up to date on the Station 19 crew, catch the series premiere next week as part of the TGIT line up!). Arizona heads over to Joe’s across the street, and April is there partying with the interns.  Arizona sees her on the bar drinking shots out of the bottle and she is horrified, because she hadn’t realized just how bad April had gotten. Back at the hospital, Alex and Kimmy are singing and Amelia is watching from outside the room. It’s pretty clear that she hasn’t given up on Kimmy, and is hopeful that they are going to be able to save her.

Now that I’ve got you caught up, you’ll be able to watch the next episode without feeling like you missed anything (hopefully).  I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the twelfth episode of season 14, as well as my personal comments! Tune in next week for my recap of season 14 episode 13! Until then!


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