The Culture Chameleon

The waters of the Paraná River run to the Río de la Plata where it mixes with the saltwater. Next to it, the city of Buenos Aires stands as a sentry. A land of immigrants, where each one brought dreams with themselves. In that fertile land, Jazmin, the daughter of immigrants from the Far East, was born. There she grew up assimilating the fused cultures, where Latin culture coexists with the culture brought from the Old World. That forged her diligent and lively character. In these lands, the protagonist of this story was educated, learned to socialize in several languages (Korean, Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian), and learned from the bittersweet moments in life.

Several times, she suffered discrimination from classmates. These experiences made her feel rejected by her own Argentine culture. In a hostile environment where everything was black, she lost her way of life. At first, she felt sad, miserable and unhappy—until she realized that she takes the reins of her own life. In the face of adversity, she recovered and became stronger. Despite this obstacle, she developed a sense of belonging. In simple terms, she learned to “eat a hamburger with chopsticks.” She is persistent, tenacious, and adaptable.

In life and different cultures, in which there are good and bad times, it is imperative to not be a multicultural mosaic, but rather, to have the cultures melt in a pot to produce a single product as a result. Just like freshwater merges with saltwater and flows naturally, she realized that cultural adaptability is the way to avoid conflicts, have a more open mind, and enhance a clear vision of her priorities and goals in this multicultural and increasingly globalized world.