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Pros and Cons of a Fitbit: Helpful or Just Hype?

I am sure you have heard a lot about the fitness tracker called a Fitbit for several years now, but have you ever wondered if it’s worth all of the hype? Before you commit to this expensive purchase, here are the pros and cons to purchasing a fitness tracker like this one. 



1. Tracking almost everything to do with your fitness and health

The Fitbit can track how many steps you take in a day, how many miles you walk or run, the calories and food you eat (if you are willing to type it into a food log), how well you are sleeping at night and it can even measure your blood pressure.

2. It’s a great motivator!

Once you set a goal, you are determined to go about your day until you have reached it! If you haven’t reached your goal by bedtime, you’ll walk the extra few steps to reach it.    

3. The silent alarm

The Fitbit has a silent alarm feature that allows you to wake up peacefully and without disturbing your roommate (I am sure they would appreciate that!). It is a pleasant vibration on your wrist rather than that loud siren that’s your current alarm.

4. Challenging your friends

You can challenge your friends, which makes you even more motivated to reach your goal and beat theirs. It is a fun way to keep active, especially if you are the competitive type!

5. Cute bands

The original band that comes with the Fitbit itself is very plain but third party brands like Tory Burch make stylish ones you can replace it with!



1. Incorrectly tracks steps

I have heard that sometimes it does not track the full amount of steps you have taken. For example, when pushing a cart your wrist isn’t moving and the Fitbit has difficulty recognizing that you are stepping. Or if you use a treadmill desk while running the same thing might happen.

2. Must connect with a smartphone or computer

For those of you who do not like to be on your computers or phones all the time, this device may not be for you. To check your steps on the most basic and cheapest Fitbit you have to check it on the app on your smartphone or sign in on your computer.

3. It isn’t very discrete

For people with small wrists, you may find yourself having trouble hiding this bracelet. The Fitbit itself looks a little large on small wrists, but they recently released a pre-order for a smaller version designed for women’s wrists called the Fitbit Alta. Check it out on Amazon! 


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