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Jenna Strucko ’13

By Edith Veremu

Jenna Strucko 
Major: Media Arts & Entertainment, with a concentration in Broadcast and New Media
Hometown: Raleigh, NC

  1. What activities are you involved in on campus and how did you get involved?
    I am the vice president for Resident Student Association, which I got involved in by being West Area Governor for my residential area last year. I am also the Director of public relations for a student sketch comedy show entitled “Elon Tonight” and a radio DJ for WSOE 89.3. I was also a New Student Orientation Leader, and am involved in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.
  2. You were a cheerleader your freshman year and are no longer cheering.  Why did you decide to cheer and what were your reasons for not continuing?

I really enjoyed being an Elon cheerleader during my freshman year, but I also was fortunate enough to find many other activities that I enjoyed as well and I quickly became over-committed, as most Elon students are. I wanted to be sure that I gave 100% into everything that I do, and unfortunately that meant something had to go. I still love the sport, the girls, the coach, everything! It was a great experience!

  1. When most people think of cheerleaders, they think of “Bring It On” and other movies whose central theme is cheerleading.  How was your experience similar or different from the media’s portrayal of the sport?  And why do you consider cheerleading a sport while other people may consider it an activity?

Coming from a background of both school and advanced, competitive cheerleading, I would have to say that “Bring It On,” although giving a little more credit to cheerleaders than most movies, does not accurately portray the athleticism required to be a cheerleader, especially at the competitive, all-star level. I definitely consider cheerleading a sport, as it takes describable strength, skill, and athleticism in order to be successful. Look up anything from the Cheerleading World Championships on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean.

  1. As a member of the Fellows Program on campus, you are placed in more advanced classes and gain a more hands-on experience.  How do you think this experience so far has allowed you to develop your career and network while also doing what you love?

Being a Journalism and Communications Fellow at Elon has been a wonderful experience! Other fellows have become some of my best friends on campus! The network of fellows has certainly been advantageous when working on communications projects both inside and outside of the classroom because you can always count on another fellow to bring equal passion and drive to a project collaboration.

  1. How do you feel about being Elon’s first female Campus Cutie?

I’m honored! Thanks for selecting me!

  1. All Elon communications student know that “sleep” or “rest” are words that no longer exist in their vocabulary, because of the long nights spent in McEwen editing pictures and video.  What’s your regime for when life gets too stressful?

Honestly, I could not get through any part of my life without God, especially the stress of deadlines and technological issues that come along with being a communications major. So when times get stressful, I look to him for my strength and he never lets me down! Also, a lot of caffeine doesn’t hurt, either.

  1. How do you define success?

I think success means something different to each person, but I would define it as being fortunate enough to do something that you love that also helps others at the same time. 

  1. What fall TV shows are you most excited for?

I cannot wait for “The Office” to come back! That is by far my favorite show that’s still on air by far. I’m also really looking forward to “Modern Family” and tons of other comedic programs. My apartment-mates have actually written out a premiere schedule for next week, so we’ll be watching a lot of TV starting Monday! 

  1. What actor would you chose to play you and why?

Choose to play me? Wow, I’ve never thought about that before! I guess I would have to say Ellie Kemper, who plays Erin Hannon on “The Office” because people tell me all the time that I look like her.

  1. Complete this sentence “I feel most confident and sexiest when…”

… people find me funny! Seriously! What is more confidence-boosting than getting a few laughs? 

  1. What about the opposite sex makes you melt?

    I can’t resist a great sense of humor! There is something so enigmatic and charming about funny guys that just draws me to them.

  2. Two things about yourself that people didn’t know before this interview.

1) I love National Public Radio to an unreasonable degree and 2) I still haven’t seen Avatar, The Dark Knight, or any of the Star Wars movies! 

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